5 Places to Visit in Dallas

In ranching, production of oil and farming, the city of Dallas has rich history among the other cities of the area. The city has become the home of numerous banks, business and financial centers, historical buildings, famous areas and most delighted tourist points. There is a wide variety of architectures, notable modern and postmodern structures and other famous public places for tourists. You can roam around the city either yourself or by renting a car. It is all up to your choice but it is rather suitable to rent a car in order to be on track. The Swift car rental offers affordable private car rental service Dallas to make your day. Here are some places you can visit in Dallas.

  • The Museum of Dealey Plaza

The former Texas School Book Depository at the intersection of Houston and Elm Streets in Dallas is now home to a museum dedicated to remembering one of the nation’s most tragic and defining moments. It is a must visit place when you come to this area. You can travel through different means to the location including renting a car from Swift car rental. We are the Luxury car rental Dallas, who are dedicated to provide best services to the customers.

  • The Botanical garden and Arboretum

It sits on 66 acres along the southeast shore of white rock lake. The environment is very pleasant and delighted around the area and you can sit and enjoy the whole natural view in front of you. Your mind will be relaxed and tension free by feeling the rich beauty of the nature and manmade infrastructures. From Sunnyvale to this area you can get a car hire Sunnyvale service to reach without any fuss. This garden hosts music festival, educational programs and art shows for the tourists.

  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science

For science lover visiting this museum in Dallas will be a treat. You can find many precious items here which will enlighten you in many ways and increase your knowledge. The private car rental service in Dallas can easily take you to the museum and you can enjoy this beauty. For tourists and curious people, it is a has a top most tourist attraction factor. The building itself is a piece of art designed and maintained by many professional people.

  • Dallas World Aquarium

Filled with colorful and beautiful spices of fishes the Dallas World Aquarium is a fine place to visit when you are in the area. It is located from walking distance of the city`s historic downtown core. It is an educational place for both young and old. You can learn so much about marine life and see them and feel their presence.

  • Dallas Zoo

For tourists it is also a great attraction. It is built on 106 acres’ landmark and contain over 2000 exotic spices of animals. A special habitat for animals is also built to make the museum beautiful. It is always popular among families and can be reachable through the cars provided by swift car rental. It is the easiest as people only have to book a ride and go to the location.

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