5 Popular Parks in Belleville Where You Should Take Your Kids

Situated at the month of the Moira River on the Bay of Quinte, Belleville is a city with an important history as well as a strong vision to the future.

Established in 1789, Belleville turned into an important railway junction in 1855 and at present, is a magnet for naturalists, boaters and anyone who finds quiet as well as adventure at the same point of time. You can hunker down at numerous main franchise hotels, but picturesque, local Bed and breakfast in Belleville provide a comfy alternative.

Holidays are done by the schools so that the children get little rest and they enjoy them a lot. So why do not you take your children to Bellville? It is right time to book your tickets of the right place for kids. Here, you will find several beautiful parks where you can take your kids to enjoy a lot among the children of his/her age.

Famous Parks in Belleville

Zwick Centennial Park

Zwicks Park is a wonderful place to go out and do stretches of your legs and breathe in the breezes off of the Bay of Quinte. Your kids will have a great climbing and running on the newly revamped playground at the park. There play area for children is best for them to have fun and lots of walking area alongside the water. The Walking trail in the region of the park area is gorgeous all year long.

Kiwanis Bayshore Trail

The Kiwanis Bayshore Trail is about 2.5 kms in length and boundaries the north shore of the Bay of Quinte. Paved and lighted, it is fraction of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail. Added along the trail is Meyer’s Pier that has a first rate marina. Public washrooms, children’s playground, seasonal canteen, two superior boat launches as well as the CN Train Monument honors Belleville’s railroader history are a few things to see that you’ll bump into along the striking multi-purpose trail.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a well-liked destination for picnics and you will find large numbers of children and families there, adding a sports field, skateboard park, soccer pitch, and a pirate-themed playground.  There is moreover a great floral display.

Centennial Park

This park is located in a turn of Swansea. This is not too much big, but it is beautiful. It is similar to a walk through a fairy tale forest which is sheltered with tree canopies above your head, wooden bridge, and a watercourse. The trail via woods is a fine loop that is about a mile long as well as follows up one side of a stream then down the other side.  It additionally contains a small side trail that roams around a small pond.  This park is an incredible place to go for a run or take a serene walk.

Corby Park

This mark of history is placed in Corby Park, a city owned as well as operated park highly known for its striking rose garden. The Corby Park Rose Garden has a huge area for travelling around some blocks and heritage homes from the Bay of Quinte. The garden contain a mesmerizing water fountain and at the mid of it all, you obtain an attractive sight of the complete garden – just the thing for a family outing.

So, take your kids to this beautiful place and you also enjoy with them. Make every moment unforgettable for them.  You will get to see amazing Belleville Hotels here, so you don’t need to worry about accommodation. All you can do is to book one them and enjoy staying here.

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