5 tips for better Facebook page engagement for real estate business

Facebook is a nice tool of social media which can help real estate agents for selling their plots in Lucknow and properties in Lucknow. It’s vital to notice that simply because a page contains a sizeable amount of likes on a page, doesn’t mean that it’s obtaining plenty of exposure. In years past, the quantity of likes on a page directly wedged however typically your posts showed up in someone’s Facebook News Feed. Because the Facebook scheme has grownup, thus have the quantity of business pages. Simply put, it’s not concerning the dimensions of your page that counts; it’s however you utilize it. Use it right, and your probability of getting your posts seem within the News Feed square measure accumulated considerably. Some points for taking advantage from facebook are as following-

  • Share helpful Tips, Tricks, and Articles

Everyone WHO has likable your Facebook page is aware of that you’re in property. However, those individuals aren’t continuously wanting to shop for or sell their home. Thus, posting new listings and knowledge concerning mortgage rates is actually not relevant. Instead, attempt posting things that square measure trade adjacent to buying/selling homes. realize a cool article on the higher Homes and Gardens website? Share it out. attending to AN art show this weekend. Let others realize it. But please, don’t post photos of your newest house listings. It gets recent fast.

That being same, i do know that there’s a time and place for posting a number of the cooler listings you may have. rather than doing posts of homes, why not amendment your cowl image with a cool photograph of 1 of these listings? you’ll even edit the outline to own a computer address to click for people that square measure very fascinated by it.

  • Feature Your News Letters

You put all that work into writing the perfect newsletter, emailed it out, and then it was done. If you publish your newsletter with good content then you will give some extra on Facebook. Share them to your Facebook page.

  • Do a Like or Caption Contest for Photos

You can run a contest where people enter by liking your page or a post, and you can have a user enter a contest by commenting on your page or photo. This is a great way to get lots of page likes and engagement to good photos and posts. Just make sure you follow through with the prize you’re offering and let everyone know who the winner is when it’s done.

  • Focus on Local Interests


People want to know what is happening within their local community, a fact that is especially true for those moving to a new area with which they may be unfamiliar. Post about local events related to your area such as school-related activities, or highlight a popular local business. In general, post about anything you feel the community would find interesting.


  • Share Interesting and Informative Facts

These can stimulate likes and comments.




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