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5 Vaastu tips for your home

Our Vedic scriptures say that there are five elements of nature, air, water, earth, space, and fire. These elements are present in a specific proportion. You need to balance all these five elements along with humans and the materials in the house/world. If there is perfect synchronization of all these elements, everything functions smoothly in the world. The problems start when you find an imbalance of these elements. Vaastu Shastra deals with these five elements of Nature and redefines architecture. It was very popular in the past. Nowadays, people have started taking a fancy for Vaastu Shastra and are consulting Vaastu consultants in India while constructing their homes. Let us now share 5 Vaastu expert tips that can be useful to all.
 Tips for prosperity
Every house should have a beautiful entrance because it attracts wealth and prosperity. The main door of the house should either be in the North or the East Direction.It should preferably be of solid wood. One should not keep shoe racks or footwear near the door as they are the harbingers of negative energy. The name plate should be at the centre.
 Tips for wealth
Usually, you find walls just next to the door. Never leave it naked. It brings in a lot of negative energy and sadness to the household. If possible, you should decorate it or place photos of your favourite Gods. In fact, you should never leave any wall naked in the house. There should be some decoration on each one of them. This makes the Goddess of Wealth very happy.
• Tips for happiness
Many people think money brings happiness. No, in fact good health is the only thing that brings happiness with it. You need good sleep to be healthy. Hence, you should pay a lot of attention to your bedroom environment. The bedroom should be well-lit during the day. It is better to keep the windows open for at least half an hour daily. Never clutter the bedroom with furniture. The bedroom should be in the South-West direction. Ensure that the bed should be in a corner or dashing against the wall.
• Tips for Good luck
Who does not love to have good luck? These Vaastu tips for home will bring you good luck in plenty. Hang a couple of nice paintings on the wall such as a flowing river, goldfish, etc. They bring in a lot of positive energy. Keep your rooms airy and fresh. There should be ample sunlight inside your home at all times. Sunlight and fresh air brings in wealth, prosperity, and lots of good luck.
• Tips for positive energy
One of the best ways of bringing in a lot of positive energy into the house is to have an aquarium. Ensure that the fishes in the tank are strong and active and keep swimming all the time. This will help in energizing the water. The best place to keep the fish-tank is the North-East position of the room.
You have seen some of the simplest of Vaastu tips for homes. In case you need comprehensive information about Vaastu Shastra, you can access this website,  http://www.vaastuconsultant.hic-india.com/vastu-with-demolition.php.

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