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6 best homeopathy mediciens for Arthritis

Arthritis means the inflammation of one or more joints. Both small and large joints can be affected. It is painful and makes the patient immobilize. It is not just a disease of older people only but of all ages, both genders and all races can be affected by arthritis, Arthritis affects 15% people i.e. over 180 million people in India. This prevalence is higher than many well known diseases such as diabetes, AIDS and cancer.  Arthritis is not a single disease; it is an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease result from inflammation. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus arthritis, reactive arthritis, adult-onset still’s disease, behçet’s disease, mixed connective tissue disease, bursitis, tendinitis etc .
Common arthritic joint symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness and restricted motion.  The nature of symptoms in every type of arthritis varies from person to person. Symptoms may come and go. They can be mild, moderate or severe. The trigger factors for worsening of symptoms are varied from person to person. They may stay for years, but progress or get worse over time. Severe form of arthritis can causes chronic pain, inability to do daily activities and make it difficult to walk or climb stairs. Arthritis can cause permanent joint changes. These changes may be visible, such as knobby finger joints. The changes in the joints area can only be seen on X-ray. Some types of arthritis also affect the heart, eyes, lungs, kidneys and skin as well.
Common Sign & symptoms of Osteoarthritis:
Joint pain and stiffness
Knobby swelling at the joint
Cracking or grinding noise with joint movement
Decreased function of the joint
Morning stiffness
Swollen joints,
Tendons become inflamed and may rupture.
Swelling can severely damage or destroy ligaments that hold joints together. It can also damage joint cartilage and bone.
Erosion of the bones of the joint can occur, causing pain and deformity.
Symmetrical joints effect
Loss of energy
Low fevers
Loss of appetite
Dry eyes and mouth from a related health problem,Sjogren’s syndrome
Firm lumps, called rheumatoid nodules, which grow beneath the skin in places such as the elbow and hands
Swelling and pain at the heels extend to the toes or fingers
Persistent low back pain, which t worse at night or in the morning
Some patients with this type of arthritis also have eye redness and irritation. Others symptoms include burning with urination and a rash on the palms or the soles of the feet.
Homeopathic treatment for Arthritis:
In all types of arthritis the Homeopathic Medicines offer long-lasting, beneficial impact with no possibility of side effects. And, this is not a hypothesis as the findings of many clinical trials have shown that homeopathic remedies have generated confirming results in all forms of arthritis. Taking the right homeopathic medicines can help patients control the pain and stiffness of joints effectively. Similarly, homeopathic treatment for arthritis can also aid in the management and control of swelling and other clinical symptoms of this inflammatory disease. Most importantly, this treatment ensures a long-lived cure compared to other treatments that provide relief for a short time period.
Common homeopathy medicines for arthritis :
ACON. – Numbness and tingling, shooting pains, icy coldness and insensibility feeling of hands and feet. Arms feel lame, bruised, heavy, numb. Pain down left arm. Rheumatic inflammation of joints, worse at night. Red shining swelling, very sensitive of hip-joint, kne joints etc.  knees seem unsteady; disposition of foot to turn. Weak and lax ligaments of all joints. Painless cracking of all joints.
BELL. Shooting pains along limbs. Joints swollen, red, shining, with red streaks radiating. Tottering gait. Shifting rheumatic pains. Jerking of limbs or spasms. Cold extremities, stiff neck, swelling of glands of neck. Backache with pain in hips and thighs.
BRY: knees stiff and painful. Hotness feeling and swelling of feet. Joints are red, swollen, hot, with stitches and tearing pain; worse on least movement. Every part is painful on pressure.
APIS: oedematous swelling. Inflammation of synovial membrane of the joint capsule (synovitis). knee swollen, shiny, sensitive, sore, with stinging pain. Feet are swollen and stiff. Rheumatic pain in back and limbs, tired, bruised feeling. Numbness of hands and tips of fingers. hives with intolerable itching. oedematous swellings.
KALI-C : backache and pain in legs. Uneasiness, heaviness, and tearing pain in limbs with swelling. limbs sensitive to pressure. Swelling of knee. Tearing pain in arms from shoulder to wrist and in wrist-joint. Tips of toes and fingers are painful. Soles are very sensitive. Itching of great toes, with pain. Pain from hip to knee.
LED. pains shoot all through the foot and limb, and in joints, but especially small joints that swollen, hot, pale. Gouty condition. Pain in right shoulder worse from any kind of motion. Cracking in joints worse from warmth. Ball of great toe swollen. Rheumatism begins in lower limbs and ascends upwards. The ankles are swollen. soles are painful, can hardly step on them.
RHUS-T.  painful swelling of joints. Pains are tearing in nature and on tendons, ligaments, and fascia regions. Rheumatic pains spread at nape of neck, spinal portion, and extremities. Pain is relieved or better by motion. soreness feeling of muscles and bones. Limbs stiff, paralyzed. The cold air is not tolerated; it makes the joint painful. Tenderness about knee-joint. loss of power in forearm and finger.
Rhod : joints are swollen. Inflammation of great toe-joint. Rheumatic tearing pain in all through the limbs, especially right side leg; worse, at rest and in stormy weather. Stiffness of neck. Pain in shoulders, arms, wrists; worse when at rest






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