8 Tips on successful job-hunting for the job seekers

It is a dream for everyone to be placed in the most suitable job but it remains a dream for most of the students. The reason behind this is that most of you do not follow the right track and try to go with the flow of the crowd. It is a major mistake made by the job seekers, which you need to get over quickly. Given below are the 8 tips, tricks and mistakes, which will help you in finding the right job at the right time:

  1. Make the right decision

It is very important that you make the right decision about your career. Sometimes the parents and teachers intervene in choosing a career for the student. It is not very wrong but you have to ask yourself first if you are interested in proceeding in the same path. If the answer is negative then do not choose the path just to satisfy your parents. Rather do something that will make you happy and in the end your parents can take pride in it.

  1. Do not lie in front of the interviewer

It is not a clever task to hide the truth at the time of interaction for getting the job. Rather it is a good idea to confess everything and ask if they are okay with it. If you do not do this, it might be a problem for the future, which you will regret. There is a possibility that you might be terminated from the office and you will not like it for sure. So take our tips and admit the truth in the beginning. Nevertheless, do not be too rude and straight while admitting the same rather keep a polite tone and use the negativities in a positive manner.

  1. Be extremely professional

Do not use casual words or show body gesture, which might not be liked by the interviewer. Choose your words carefully and maintain professionalism from your clothes to your behavior. Do not be too cool and funky that the interviewer might get mistaken that they are hiring for the position of a Dj

  1. Do not hesitate

If you have any question regarding salary or weekly offs or leaves which you do not know, feel free to ask the same. It is better to be aware in the beginning rather than being mocked later. You should sound confident and do not fumble while asking or replying. It creates a good impression among the interviewers. You have every right to ask them anything and everything about the company, which might affect you after becoming an employee from an interviewee.

  1. One should not boast about himself/herself unnecessarily

Always remember, you are supposed to be precise, transparent and formal if you want your dream job. However, calling up your recruiter is not really something, you should be doing immediately. Of course you can contact your hiring manager, but after a certain point of time. For instance; the applicant can start the conversation with a thank you note and gradually, he/she can ask about the next round. Although, the applicant is calling the recruiter in order to figure out the procedure, it should not sound like one. In addition to this, it is also important to remember that you are not supposed to highlight or brag your skills and abilities over the phone, repetitively.

This can actually annoy the recruiter and he/she may end up not hiring you. You should always remember that if the hiring manager has selected you for the next round, he/she is completely aware of your skills and abilities. Therefore, there is no use of bragging about your skills over and again.

  1. Follow your recruiter regularly by adding him/her to your LinkedIn profile

Maintain and update your profile on LinkedIn regularly. It is highly important to remain active most of the time. Once you are completed with your interview rounds, you should consider the next most important step, which is adding your recruiter. As a result, it will assist you in keeping in touch with them, following them and monitor their activities from time to time. Apart than this, you should also add your company’s profile to your active account. Not only it will help you track their activities, but at the same time it will allow you to become more knowledgeable and confident regarding the agenda and structure of the organization, you are planning to work in.

  1. Get in touch with the consultancy

Before contacting the recruiter, getting in touch with your job consultant will be the primary job you should perform. If there is any third-party intervention, who have arranged your job interview, try and get in touch with the consultancy at the first place. Simply send an email or a thank you note, which will serve as a token of gratitude.

  1. Consider paying a visit to your organization in case of emergency

If you do not get any confirmation mail or if you feel that all the doors are closed, you can visit the organization, directly and figure out things with the human resource manager. However, you should be tactful and smart with the use of your words and attitude. It is highly important to take care of your attitude, while conversing with the human resource manager of the company. Things might not go well, if your human resource manager finds you too harsh, impatient and desperate. Simply start the conversation with, “Hello I thought of paying a visit, as I was passing by” and then end with, “Is the next interview round going to be held anytime sooner?” You should show your curiosity and emphasize upon the importance of the job; as simple as that.

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