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Acer Gaming Laptop- A First Choice for Online Game Lovers

Acer Gaming Laptop

Acer has made almost 19 pounds laptop for gamers looking to intimidate and dominant. Acer Predator 21X and Acer Predator 17X Laptop proffer VR ready graphics cards for smoother gameplay. Its stunning design stands out as a hard-edged design ethos.

When technology meets innovation, it can make you sign in appreciation. Predator 21X is such gaming device that will take your breath at first stance. Refurbish your gaming experience with Acer Customer Support Number. When you first see the custom Pelican case in which it ships in, you hardly can restrain yourself from the shock. The sheer bulk of the 21 inch and 19 pounds laptop will tickle you every time you see it.

When you first see Acer Predator 21 X, you will not have the slightest hint of practicality and affordability. The device is a perfect illustration of a product designed out of common sense and logic. The Predator 21X physically dwarfs almost every laptop ever made. This is one of the most biggest, powerful and expensive gaming laptops ever. With built-in screen, mouse, keyboard, and batteries, it is technically still a laptop. But it allows you to function it away from the desk. You may need to struggle to perform a regular computing task. Acer Predator 21 X and 17 X are solely contributed to game lovers.

Predator notebooks come with VR ready Graphics Cards with the terrific performance for smooth gameplay. Predators alloys professional styling and comfortable keyboard. Learn more about such massive and advanced device with the help of Acer Customer Care Support.

Here is a look at its salient features that make it stand out from the other gaming laptops:


Acer’s gaming laptops design is jaw-droopingly gorgeous. From stereotypical edgy to business casual, it is every bit like what you would expect from a gaming notebook. The Red and Black pattern though very common but have pulled the look off better.


Acer Predator has screens that are vivid, bright and accurate. It fabricates not only image quality. But also supports NVidia’s G-Sync anti-tearing technology.


Like most Acer gaming laptops, Predator also has island-style keyboards mounted on scissors switches. The Nitro Black falls a bit short which may translate into a mushy experience.


The Company has yielded some cutting edge development in designing Acer gaming models. It’s thin and light design and transparent top mounted Gorilla Glass touchpad turns many heads.

What makes Predator 21 X best in the market?

This Acer Gaming Laptop is made for those who have mountains of money to splurge. This $8,999 notebook comprises incredible eye-catching features. 21-inch curved display, Tobii eye tracking and blazingly fast performance- Predator 21 X is a gaming hardware for modern generations.

Reasons to Plunk Down Money for Predator 17 X:

Predator 17 X accumulates every reason to plunk down your hard-earned cash. The $2,699 gaming device comes with VR-ready desktop-class NVidia 1080 GPU. With super-fast transfer speed and solid audio, the Acer gaming device is worth your penny.

Make a Call at Acer Customer Service for 24*7 Customer Supports:

If you are confronting issues while handling this highly advanced device, we are here to help you out. With complete 24*7 supports, we repair all issues related to your Acer gaming device. Acer Customer Service is a toll-free number which helps you in troubling situations. No matter how serious or vast the issue is, we are ready to assist you 24*7. Hence place a quick call at the number to free yourself from all stress and headaches.

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