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Add Style to Your Interiors with Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen in modern homes looks incomplete without cabinets. It defines the look of the kitchen as it is the key feature in the heart of the home. Cabinets not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen but also complement the functionality of the kitchens.  Due to the infinite range of options offered by several companies nowadays, it might get difficult to zero in on the perfect custom kitchen cabinets designs. In the following section, few designs and styles of custom kitchen cabinets are discussed:

  1. Selection of material:

Timber is available in different textures, grain patterns, and color. Therefore, wood types like oak, cherry or maple should be selected carefully, according to your region and climate.

  • Plywood is preferable as all sides of cabinets can be made from plywood.
  • Engineered wood or particleboard does not expand due to temperature change but damages easily.
  • The construction of the face frame of the cabinet is done by solid hardwood of the cabinet. It is relatively more expensive than other materials.
  • Hardwood veneer is more commonly used as it is lighter and more stable than solid hardwood.
  1. Styles of door:

In case of custom-made cabinets, a wide variety of door styles can be taken into consideration.

  • The middle panel is set inside the door frame in case of recessed panel doors.
  • Flat-panel doors, which are usually found in modern kitchens, are smooth-faced while doors which have a mitered corner at the edge of the door frame necessitate mitered construction. You will usually find flat panel doors in modern kitchens.
  • Raised panels are situated in the middle and stick out from the door frame. They lend a traditional look in your kitchen.

A cabinet door can have wood (or plywood) frames or glass frames. There are several cabinets manufactured these days that do not do not have a door.  This is done, especially to accommodate heavy appliances like refrigerators.

  1. Molding:

Moldings serve an important role in upgrading the look of your kitchen. It can add a completely new style to the existing kitchen.

  1. Color and Finish:

Finishing is another crucial aspect that should be taken into account. It should be such that it complements the final look of the kitchen.

  • Nowadays, many people are trying out different colors that contrast with the color of the walls of the kitchen or easily blend in.
  • You can also experiment by painting your cabinet in two different colors. Or else, you can also contrast a bright color with a neutral finish.
  • You can stick to the natural color of wood or paint them white

In case you are planning to use expensive wood to build cabinets, then it is best to use stains which will retain the natural look of the wood.

Hence if you are thinking of renovating or remodeling your kitchen, it is important to install cabinets that will serve both utilitarian and beautification purposes.

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