Getting over with the board exams is the best and the most joyable feeling being a 12th class student. Waiting for the result and sitting in the boring four cornered room for the whole day, watching movies, playing games, roaming around with the friends those days are no less than being in a heaven. The joyful vacation is the time to relax after a hustle of 1 year constantly. I was sitting down on my table, watching the TV and suddenly I got to know that the entrance exams for engineering are approaching in the coming week. I was prepared for them, revising at the last days. Always unexpected, the entrance exam was even harder this year. I wanted to take only engineering as a career, It was very disappointing to see such a harder exam. I relaxed, cheered my self up and with the grace of god, I was able to complete my exam on the time. I wanted to get admission into the best engineering college in Haryana. Grabbing an opportunity to enter a prestigious college comes once in a lifetime and the whole set of career is decided by one entrance exam. I was scared and filled with nervousness, but I consoled myself as I was expecting a positive outcome of my efforts. After a year of preparations and the hustle, the result finally arrived. It was a positive one. I got a good score in JEE and JEE MAINS. My parents were happy and pretty sure that I will be able to grab a seat in the finest engineering college in Haryana. Now, there emerged a satisfsctory feeling after checking out my result. But, the stress and tension still emerges in my mind. I was over thinking about my admissions to the top engineering college in Haryana. Everything was going well and after a research of 15 days, I came to a conclusion that Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering & Technology (JMIT) would set as a perfect college for me. I decided to chose the college as it was listed as the top engineering college by various educational and career oriented website. I matched the cut off score and filled in the admission form. But, before finalising anything I wanted to confirm and verify everything. I visited the college after filling the form online on the admission portal. From the various good reviews, I was satisfied. As, the faculty was good with the finest education qualification, imparting knowledge with a great experience. The atmosphere, surroundings, location, fee structure everything was sorted and fine making it the top engineering college. The campus area was wide with the good infrastructure, greenery filled location could complement the studious environment. JMIT satisfied my expectations as it was providing various quality features which contribute towards making it a top engineering college. With the expectations of the most productive outcomes, I was able to grab a seat in JMIT.

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