Authentic Indian Restaurant in Singapore


PavBhaji Fondue

A twisted version of PavBhaji

Curry Fondue 

Spl. Chole curry served with bits of samosas and pattice



Corn MalaiSheekh

Minced Tender corn kernels &paneer cooked on skewer

Veg cheesy Sheekh

Vegetable sheekh coated with processed cheese and broiled to perfection in a clay oven



PaneerTikkas (2 types) 

Combination of spicy Green and red marinated cottage cheese cooked on skewer


Our speciality cottage cheese marinated in kesari masala cooked on skewers

Do RukhaKumb

Mushroom caps with two flavours barbeques to perfection

Mushroom Makhmali

Mushroom stuffed with spiced cheese and nuts micture, skewered and broiled in clay oven.

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