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township police were dispatched to the Bath and Body Works Monday evening to examine a fragrant robbery. Staff told police they found $746 in stock missing from the store. Among the stole things were 39 fine fragrant fogs totaling $565.50; five shower gels totaling $62.50; six body creams worth $81; and three body moisturizers totaling $37.50.

Store observation video purportedly demonstrate a man and lady each wearing a cap and glasses and conveying shoulder sacks. They were spotted moving among show tables and retires, dropping stock into their sacks, as per court records.

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On Wednesday evening, a shopping center security officer perceived the man from the Bath and Body Works reconnaissance photographs sitting on a seat. Township police caught the man later distinguished as the 33-year-old Blythe. The lady found in reconnaissance photographs, later recognized as Simmonds, had kept running from the shopping center yet was secured on Park Avenue, as indicated by records.

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