Best Engineering College

Engineering is a broad discipline that covers popular streams such as Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Electronics & Communication. Regional College is the Best Engineering College that drawing its strength and motivation from the unprecedented patronage provided by top notch blue-chip multinational companies.

Formalized lifelong learning. It has been said that the half-life” of engineering knowledge-the time in which half of what an engineer knows becomes obsolete-is in the range of two to eight years. This means that lifelong learning is essential to staying current throughout an engineering career, which may span some 40 years. Yet the notion, at least as a formalized institution, has not been part of the engineering culture. This has to change, as merely taking training in the latest technology is not good enough. The fundamentals you learned in college are still fundamental, but they aren’t the only ones in this rapidly changing profession.

We want to provide an undergraduate education that ensures our graduates can be creators – the artists, if you will – of the scientific and quantitative spheres. They need to understand how technology works so they can be effective as innovators. They also need soft” skills, such as the ability to communicate their technical ideas and concepts, and galvanize a wide array of people, including those without technological backgrounds and people from other cultures. Combine these skills with the ability to be life-long learners, and our graduates have the potential to make real impacts that can better our quality of life for generations to come. For more informaiton, please visit our website

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