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Citi Pest Control offers a complete solution on Bed bug management with herbal treatment for pest control in Pimpri, warje, Hadapsar, katraj and all over Pune Bedbugs generally enter into the house by luggage or other things infected by bedbugs. They occur in dark places like mattresses, pillow, mats, curtains, etc. They can easily spread and are really difficult to treat resulting in a rapid growth of bed bug outbreaks. The prime key to deal with the bed bugs is to be aware and quickly take an action on its discovery.

Citi Pest Control in Pimpri offers comprehensive eco-friendly pest control services for your facility across Pune. Bedbugs are parasites that feed on blood and can cause extreme itching and nights without sleep. Infestations mainly occur in the bedroom and rapidly spread to other premises of the house, putting your family at risk. They are also responsible for diseases like Hepatitis A.B. & yellow fever. So, whether you are looking for a complete pest control in Pimpri for Bed bug treatment or general pest control then our agents will exterminate the pests effectively and safely

Bedbugs are one of the most objectionable pests and are most difficult to eradicate them. It requires a high level of hygiene, deep cleaning and proper use of amateur insecticides to keep them under control. However, a professional bed bug treatment with citi pest control in Pimpri and all over Pune will be required to eradicate them completely and take the condition under control. Our treatment includes following methods.


  • Heating Method
  • Fumigation Method
  • Organic is spraying with Neem


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