Best Types of Cakes to Pick from For Your Housewarming Party

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Housewarming parties are extremely fun for the entire family and close friends however, it is essential to find the right food and dessert menu for the party. The right choice of food, dessert and drinks can bring the whole party together! Here are a few different types of cakes that you can pick from for your housewarming party –

Full sized cake

You can order a full sized cake for your housewarming party with a cute message printed on the cake or simply have the message written in cream or fondant on the cake. A full sized cake can be easily bought from a bakery in your locality or even for online cake delivery in Jodhpur or anywhere across India from e-gifting websites or online bakeries. These cakes are great for smaller groups of people where you can easily slice up the cake into equal parts and serve. However, this might not be the best option for bigger parties where a lot of guests are invited because it can be quite a task getting so many slices cut from a single cake!


A lot of people prefer serving cupcakes in dessert instead of cutting a huge cake into tiny slices. This is simply because cupcakes are easy to serve at bigger parties, everyone gets the same proportion of cake, they easy to eat and less messier than sliced cakes and also easy to clean up after! Cupcakes are generally cheap and come up to the same price as a full sized cake so you don’t end up spending more or less than the actual price. You can easily place an order for dozens of cupcakes from any e-gifting website that does online cake delivery in Jodhpur or any part of India. You can completely customize the size, shape and flavors of the cupcakes as well according to your preferences extremely easily online!


Pastries are another great option for serving at a housewarming party because these have all the goodness of a full sized cake right from the layers, cream, decoration as well as the top layer of cream, fondant etc. Pastries are generally a little more expensive than cupcakes but extremely worth it! You can pick the cake type that you want for the pastries and the bakery will ensure that the cake is prepared according to all your preferences and flavors. You can also present an assorted platter of pastries to serve at your house warming party which will add a little more variety to the dessert party.

Cake pops

Cake pops are cakes served in the form of lollipops at the party. You can choose different types of cake flavors for the cake pops. You can choose from different sizes, shapes and flavors for the cakes. These cake pops look excellent for presentation purposes and are also extremely convenient to serve, eat and clean up after! These are generally quite affordable however, not every bakery in town makes theses cake pops. You will need to look for gourmet bakeries that prepare these cake pops.

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