Best Vegetarian Catering in Little India Singapore

Veg/Gobi Manchurian

Cabbage/Cauliflower coated with flour deep fried tossed in soya garlic sauce.


Stir Fried Vegetables

Assortment of vegetables stir fried in garlic.

Veg Spring Roll

Julienne cut cabbage carrot stir fried in light soya sauce and rolled in sping roll leaf and deep fried.

Paneer Chilly Dry

Cubes of Cottage cheese cooked in Spicy  Soya Sauce.

Mushroom Baby Corn Chilly Dry

Coated mushroom and baby corn deep fried and tossed in spicy soya sauce.

Crispy Vegtable and Sweet Chilly Garlic

Assorted vegetable crispy fried and tossed in sweet chilly sause.

Crispy Spicy Potatoes

Crispy potato fries tossed in spicy chilly sauce.

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