Some Of The Best Vietnamese Dishes To Taste

Vietnamese cuisine is not just about hot smoky soups and wontons. There’s a lot more and you should have knowledge before tasting any one of them.

When it comes to Vietnamese culture, food has a special significance and thus, it is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Vietnamese cuisine is all about oodles of tastes and flavors. So, don’t worry even if you are out of Tran Dai Quang’s country. Here, in Denver, Colorado, traditional Vietnamese cuisine can be relished in some of the best family owned restaurants. These restaurants provide authentic and quality Vietnamese cuisine.

Before you choose to savor on the range of special platters here are some of the best dishes that shouldn’t be left out.


When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, there’s nothing without pho. It is a staple that consist of a salty broth with fresh rice noodles, sprinkle of herbs and choices of beef, chicken, shrimps etc. It predominantly features the local diet of Vietnam. It’s not only cheap and tasty but is also available widely at various restaurants in Denver. This is the reason Pho is not only a Vietnamese cuisine but is also considered as one of the world cuisine.

Com tam or broken rice

It is a morning meal that is often enjoyed by the people in South Vietnam. It is served with grilled marinated pork chops with a mixture of finely shredded pork. The inner skin of the pork is spread over the broken rice. Atop meat, several customary toppings can be added according to your taste. These can be finely sliced cucumber, pickled veggies and tomato along with a cake of prawn paste. This particular cake is also known as steamed pork with egg custard or pork meatloaf with egg. The egg can be further fried or added with grilled prawns. Thus, in total the entire dish brings loads of taste and fun.

Vietnamese sandwich

Vietnamese sandwich is generally served with Pho. The uniqueness is hidden within the light and crispy baguette with a variation of flavors and fillings. The sandwich is filled with fresh green leaves with a choice of fillings like pate and omelet. It is a great source of fat, carbohydrate and protein. Sometimes colorful combination of cheese, pickled veggies, cold cuts, sausage, fried eggs, chili sauce and fresh cilantro.

Apart from this, there’s a lot more in Vietnamese cuisine. Consider visiting a reputed restaurant and dip yourself into the culture and taste of Vietnam.


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