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Bookshelves Selection Tips: A Dedicated Place Your Spellers are Demanding For

Imagine this: A table full of books overloaded. A flower vase next to a rocky rocking chair by the window. Side tables are spilling over with lots of books. The couple of show-pieces is completing the nook. And you, sitting on the chair, reading your favorite books, gazing out of the window imagining once more your beloved memories….how beautiful all these?

And, for the ardent book lover like me, having the reading nook of your own is always a wonderful idea. But, hang on!! What if you don’t have the leisure of dedicating a whole room to books? Even a corner of your bedroom or living space can do this perfectly. It all depends on how you set it up. And, that’s the time when bookshelves come into the picture!

So, to help you out in this scenario, here are some tips on choosing the right bookshelf for your space:

1. Wall-Mounted or Free-Standing?

Are you short on space? Or, do you live in a 2BHK small apartment, your reading nook can be double up as your study. Yes, with a wall-mounted bookshelf, you can add a study table aside and turns it in a reading and writing nook. In that scenario, it is best to have wall mounted bookshelves rather than floor standing bookcases to stack your books. This way, you can also use the space underneath the shelves for your study table and chair.

2. Small or Large?
For this, get your thoughts clear on how much is your book collection? The size of the bookrack or bookshelf furniture, you get depends on how many books you want them to display.
Also, concern about the size of your books: for an instance, coffee table books and kid’s story tales tend to be larger in size than the average paperback. So, you will need the bookshelves with accordingly sized racks to hold these.

3. Folding or Not?
Apart from wall mounted ones, Book shelves also come in folding and freestanding. If you often used to move to the new place, then folding bookshelves are more of your style. These are shelving units that fold up. Folding bookcases occupy little space and don’t need to be reassembled if you move to a new place. When you need to move, just carry away your books and then fold up the bookcase whenever you are on the way.

4. Open or Closed?
Do you have all the editions of Harry Potter and Philosopher’s stone? Or your grandfather’s collection of history books from the pre-Independence days? Being a fortunate one, you may want to assure that these remain in intact condition.

So, a closed bookshelf, which will keep away dust and humidity, may be best for you. On the other hand, if you want to stash off your new book collection, you could have an open bookcase or a closed one with the glass doors.

Conclusion: Once you put up your book collection, it’s time to create the rest of the reading nook. If you have space, consider getting the comfortable arm or swing chair you can sit on to read. And, for a more eccentric bench, keep the wooden bench by the window with a couple of cushions thrown on. Have a beautiful pendant lamp that will offer warm supplemental lighting, and a soft rug on the floor to rest your feet. And there, you have it – your very own reading alcove!

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