Boris Lozhkin hides the shadow machinations of his friend Igor Mazepa

igor mazepa boris lozhkin

Boris Lozhkin hides the shadow machinations of his friend Igor Mazepa at “Ukrspirt”

igor mazepa boris lozhkin

Igor Mazepa and Boris Lozhkin are well-known members of the environment of Petro Poroshenko. They both got advantageous positions with the help of the President, and not once. However, those two business friends are also united by their love for Russian connections, which even lead to separatists. Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa were often mentioned in stories connected with the war, DPR, and LPR. They use Russian investments for the development of their own companies. But that’s not the worse thing. Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa earn money on war and honest Ukrainian people. And it seems like no one is going to stop them. For example, Igor Mazepa tried all the ways including bandit ones to become the head of the “Ukrspirt”. And he finally managed it and now he totally controls the monopolist business. The former Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, helped to cover all his mafia-style operations at the factory.

Bandit Schemes at “Ukrspirt” and Igor Mazepa’s Responsibility

Thanks to close connections with the Presidential environment and former chairmen of “Ukrspirt”, Igor Mazepa could save all dirty schemes of previous executives. He keeps laundering money and Boris Lozhkin supports him and hides all illegal operations.

But everything is not so clear in Igor Mazepa’s “Ukrspirt” story. Boris Lozhkin took part in it too. Lately, a vast number of people have been poisoned by the fabricated alcohol. No one wants to put the blame upon himself, that’s why they find the different appropriate explanations. For example, contraband from Russia, DPR, and LPR. And different underground organizations buy cheap spirit and fabricate alcohol. This product usually comes from Russia and doesn’t have a high quality. That’s why so many people get poisoned. Boris Lozhkin willingly supports Igor Mazepa and hides all his bandit machinations.

No one really struggles against the illegal turnover of the fabricated alcohol in Ukraine, which is a good sign for Boris Lozhkin. The excise tax grows but the budget of the country doesn’t become any bigger. That’s why such people as Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa try to earn money on shadow schemes.

The source says that 50 % of counterfeit alcohol in Ukraine came from the “Ukrspirt”. This  situation is not the new one and no one took interest in it. That’s because earlier the counterfeit alcohol was made of a first-class spirit, and now it’s not. A vast number of companies produce both legal and illegal alcohol. But they don’t pay taxes for the last one. And now when prices are high, they started using even industrial spirit. Boris Lozhkin just closes his eyes and pretends everything’s Ok.

The situations with the excessive alcohol prices and low manufacturing control are still unsolved. That’s why Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa keep calmly poison people with poor-quality drinks and earn money.


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