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Bulletproof glass for schools  

The past few years have seen an increase in cases of violence against children in schools. As a result, it has become important for stakeholders to come up with effective ways of making sure that schools remain safe environments that protect both children and staff from external threats. Bulletproof glass is designed and made to increase protection where a building is most vulnerable – the glass on windows and door openings.

What is BulletShield?

BulletShield is a security shield that is installed over the existing door and window glass to provide protection against certain threats. The patented technology features nearly invisible and thin films that provide a layer of protection. It is not only 250 times stronger than ordinary glass but is also an affordable solution.

Do the products meet high standards?

To ensure safety in schools and other institutions, BulletShield incorporates the best materials to deliver quality security products. With the unbreakable clear shield, structural adhesives and anchors as well as customized edge banding and powder coating, the products meet high industry standards. Before they are released for sale, BulletShield systems are independently tested to ensure that they meet forced entry and UL752 ballistic standards.

What types of threats does Bulletshield offer protection against?

BulletShield is designed and made to offer protection against the various threats that schools are exposed to. This includes blast, ballistics and forced entry. The quality and anatomy of the systems keep the glass from causing harm to the occupants of a building in case of a blast. The shield also keeps unwanted people out by stopping bullets fired from a wide range of weapons. With BulletShield systems, there is increased security against forced entry from smash and grab or any other type of attack.

Are there other benefits of BulletShield in schools?

Apart from offering protection from external threats, the clear and unobtrusive security solution can improve energy efficiency of current glass by more than 50%. There is also a film coating that protects the shield from damage. When installed on classroom windows and doors, BulletShield will lower noise from outside by up to 40%. These benefits make for an even greater learning environment in schools.

What about custom made products?

Depending on your unique needs, it is possible to request custom made products. Once we have done an onsite assessment, we will develop customized solutions for all window openings, helping to fortify the vulnerable areas of school buildings. The tailor made products will help you protect your people and property better.

Have any questions about our products or would like to have BulletShield installed in your school? Kindly reach out to us through our website or give us a call.

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