Caring Tips For Black Satin Comforter For Prolonged Use

Heavier and thicker then silk, affordable black satin comforter not only offers the required warmth during winter months but also a luxurious appeal to your entire bedroom. Satin comforters are sensitive to heat, rough machine-washing, harsh detergents etc. and need careful handling to keep its feel and lustrous as new as possible for several years to come.

You can avoid wet cleaning and opt for dry and gentle cleaning methods to avoid damaging of satin fibers. Two of the most common methods which can be adopted are:-

Airing:- You need to place a large-sized sheet or a plastic tarp on the ground in some shady and well-ventilated area of your house. Cover the plastic tarp with a white sheet and place your black satin comforter on it to smoothen it out. After an hour, flip the comforter and let its other side air out for an hour.

Vacuuming:- Place your satin comforter on a neat and clean ground and cover a nozzle attachment of your vacuum cleaner with a cheesecloth or nylon pantyhose with rubber bands. This step is necessary to eliminate sucking of satin fabric into the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Now vacuum the comforter with this nozzle in small parts/sections to remove dust and dirt. You must remember if you are having damaged black satin comforter, hold the vacuum nozzle at least one-inch away from the comforter surface.

The caring process simply does not end with airing or vacuuming, it is essential to properly store your satin comforter.

Storing:- Neatly fold your aired-out satin comforter and place it in the air-tight container or in an air-tight plastic bag. Add few packets of silica gel beads to absorb the moisture. If you are not storing your bad in an air-tight container, make sure to use cedar wood balls to repel insects which can cause damage to your luxurious comforter. Now place this bad in a dry and cool place.

Precaution:- If possible you should avoid spot-cleaning or harsh detergent machine-wash cleaning for your satin comforter. The harmful cleaning chemicals or detergent agents will not only be difficult to remove from the depth of your satin comforter fiber, but also damage your comforter from within and can cause sleep discomfort.

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