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Cloud computing, features and benefits

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of connecting remote servers to the internet and use these servers for managing and processing the data. It is a practice of providing computer services such as networking, databases, storage, intelligence and other services on the internet. It is a method of providing quick services on the internet. The user should only pay for the cloud services. So, any user can lower the operating costs.

Features of cloud computing services

Following are the main characteristics of cloud computing. The website design company in Mumbai provides the following services.

The user can avail self-service and also choose any type of service.

The user can also install different computing features such as network storage or server time.

The services are automatically provided by the servers and the user need not interact with the service provider.

The user can enjoy the advantage of resource pooling and elasticity. The resources are pooled to large customers.

The cost of operations is always lower.  The user need not pay any upfront costs              as the price is always based upon usage. The user is charged with a certain amount based upon his usage.

The cloud computing service provider should ensure the user to provide the best services. Usually the service provider and user share an agreement with each other and the service provider ensures that adequate resources, round-the-clock availability, bandwidth, etc.

The three main paradigms of cloud computing are SaaS, laaS, PaaS,. The software development company in Mumbai provides the following type of services.

The four types of cloud computing services provided are:

Private Cloud: This feature is used by a single organization that consists of multiple consumers.

Hybrid cloud

Public Cloud

Community Cloud

Following are the benefits of cloud computing


The best website designing company in navi Mumbai does not charge any additional expenses. The user need not pay the cost of buying hardware and software . They also need not pay the cost of on-site data centers or any electric charges. The infrastructure is not managed by any IT expert also.


Most of the cloud computing services are self-provided and several computer resources are used just by clicking the mouse two times.

Global Scale

The remote servers can be connected to the internet and hence service can be provided to millions of people.  The cloud service providers should provide adequate IT resources to the users so that they can utilize it properly. They provide service from the right geographical location.


The usual data centers should perform several functions such as software patching, hardware set-up, and consuming IT management chores. But, the cloud computing service provider need not perform any of these functions.


They provide worldwide services and network. They are constantly upgraded so that each computer can operate efficiently. They also provide reduced network latency.


Many cloud providers provide several security features so that the data of the users is protected. They also protect the apps of the computer and hence prevent from any type of threat.

The services provided by the top website designing company in Mumbai  cloud computing service provider are

Creating new apps and providing services.

Creating back-up for storage and recovery data

Analyzing data

Testing and building applications

Streaming video and audio

Delivering software on demand

Embed intelligence

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