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DNA ancestry testing an affordable way to understand your ancestry

Do you really know where you come from? Your DNA can tell you for sure. Modern DNA testing is useful not only to resolve questions of paternity, but also holds the secret to your ancestry and even your risk of health problems.

DNA testing plays a growing role in filling gaps in your family tree. DNA ancestry testing is an affordable way to find out whether you carry DNA from northern Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. DNA testing is also used for research, medical evaluations and court. DNA ancestry testing is not a legal test, but for informational purposes only.

Because Ancestry DNA testing is for informational purposes only, you can collect the specimen conveniently at home. Unlike Ancestry DNA testing, paternity DNA testing requires a chain of custody, so must be collected and processed by a trained technician.

Are you interested in learning more about your ancestry? Well, a certified and accredited DNA ancestry testing organization can surely give you some answers! Although the DNA ancestry test is for informational purposes only (cannot be used in court), it can provide valuable insight about your heritage. Therefore, if you are interested in receiving some broad information about your ancestry, DNA ancestry testing may be the right choice for you.

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Our DNA is unique, and is blend of many generations. A DNA paternity test can determine whether someone is the father of a child. DNA science is advancing into the medical field too. And a DNA ancestry test can reveal your ancestral background. DNA testing is a powerful tool to learn a huge amount of information about who you are.

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