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Easy DIY Steps To Replace Your Garage Door Extension Springs

Garage Door Extension

Whenever you attempt any kind of maintenance or repair yourself, you should be aware of the risks that you may encounter. Especially, when you are dealing with things like springs of the door of your garage, you should consider all sorts of safety measures before starting the work. In case of springs, a slight blunder can lead to a serious damage or even injury, as they hold a lot of tension. However, once you decide to handle the task yourself, start with getting the necessary guidance from an expert and buying the right tools.

Though the replacement of Garage Door Extension Springs in San Antonio TX is cost efficient, if you still choose to do the task yourself, here are the steps that you must follow:

1) Firstly, get some new springs, C-clamps, a socket wrench, a ladder, and an open-ended wrench before beginning the work.

2) Once you are ready with the necessary tools, lift open your garage door completely, and engage the emergency release. For a better measure, you can unplug your lifting device to make sure it does not interrupt while you are working. To hold the door in place, attach the C-clamps to the track.

3) On one side of the garage door, position the ladder under the track. You can get some slack on the part of the cable that is attached to the upper part of the track by grabbing the lower part of the cable and pulling it in the direction of the garage entrance.

4) Detach the hook and cable clip using your free hand from the upper track. Gradually release the cable and let it rest on the safety cable. The safety cable runs right through the center of the spring. The end of the spring cable must then be loosened from the cable clips. Now, pull the cable away from the spring completely.

5) Observe the ends of the safety cable to detach it easily and pull it out of the spring from whichever end you want.

6) From the rear track hanger, you must now detach the extension spring. As one end of the spring attaches to an eye bolt hook, you should move the other end away from the bolt hook. Using a socket wrench, loosen the nut to unfasten the pulley from the spring.

7) The hard part is almost over. Now, placing the new ones on is comparatively an easier task. The U-bracket must be placed on the end of the spring and the pulley must be positioned on the open end of the bracket. The holes of the bracket must be aligned with the middle hole of the pulley.

8) A retaining bolt should now be inserted through the pulley and one side of the bracket. Tighten a retaining nut on the end of the bolt using a socket wrench. The opposite end of the spring must be hooked to the rear track bracket on the eye bolt hook. The bolt head on the pulley must point towards the garage door track.

9) Insert the safety cable through the spring. You can either reconnect it to the front wall or to the rear track hanger.

10) Put the end of the garage door cable between the U-bracket from the top of the pulley and the front spring pulley. Stretch the cable towards the door. The cable must be on top of the pulley. Place an S-hook on one end of the cable clip. The procedure is almost over. However, if any of the steps feel difficult to you, you can contact any Garage Door Companies in San Antonio TX for doing the job for you smoothly.

11) Now just stretch the spring slightly and you are done.

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