Effect of Using Corrugated Package Material on Supply Chain Change

Every company or firm, today, is totally aware of the value of packaging for their business. Packaging plays a primary role in the selection of a product as customers get highly impressed by a perfect pack. From bringing innovation in packaging designs to using different kinds of packing material, the product developers try every single thing to make their business a strong and successful one. The latest trends in the market greatly influence product managers and they try to correspond to any new advancement in the field.

One such trend in the field is the usage of corrugated package material by many product businesses. There are multiple advantages of using the corrugated material because of which many firms have started using it for packing purposes. The demand for this has increased than ever before and it is expected to increase even more in the years to come. There are different reasons for the popularity of the corrugated material of packing and this article gives you the basic knowledge about corrugated packages and their effect on supply chain change. Have a look:

What is Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated packages are the packaging boxes which are very skilfully crafted. Corrugated boxes or corrugated fibreboard have different layers of sheets and is constructed by sticking a flat piece of paper to a wavy pane, which is known as fluting. The corrugated containers are quite strong and resistant, unlike normal cardboard boxes and so they keep the products safe and protected.

Packaging and Supply Chain Management

Supply chain refers to the process which is followed during the manufacturing and distribution of any product. It is a system in which a product goes through the different steps of getting transferred from the developers or suppliers to the customers. It involves the firm, retailers and other important resources and functions.

Benefits of Corrugated Packages

There are several advantages of corrugated packages that bring ease to both, the developers and the customers. From the cosmetic industry to the electronic industry, corrugated cartons are beneficial to be used in any product business. Some basic benefits of wholesale corrugated boxes are mentioned below:

  • They are easy to handle being lighter in weight.
  • They provide the best protection for any type of product.
  • They are eco-friendly and are biodegradable.
  • They are inexpensive and easily obtainable.
  • They can easily be transferred from one place to other.

Effect of Corrugated Packages on Supply Chain Change

As supply chain involves all the stages of transferring a product from the suppliers to the customers, the packaging is an important factor of the process because the product goes through a lot before reaching the customers’ house. Having mentioned all the benefits of corrugated packing boxes, it is obvious that they can certainly influence the supply chain. Since the invention of corrugated packages, many firms have started using these for the packaging purposes. Following are the effects of using corrugated packages on the supply chain:

  • Reduces the Expense

As the corrugated boxes are inexpensive than the other packaging materials because they are constructed from the sheets of paper, yet are strong enough to keep the products protected without using multiple packaging for a single product. So, they save the extra cost of expensive or multiple packaging materials for your product. The supply chain, therefore, does not cost you much in addition to the amount you have already spent on the construction of the products.

  • Lessens the Exhaustion

It saves you of the fatigue that involves in the supply chain management. As there are multiple steps involved in the supply chain which make it a lethargic process. Corrugated cartons are easy-to-handle packaging boxes that help make supply chain management easy for you. As the supply chain involves shipping and transferring products through multiple phases which becomes difficult if you have large and heavy product boxes to deal with. So, the corrugated packages, being light-weight, bring convenience to the weary process of the supply chain.

  • Improves the Business Benefits

As corrugated packing boxes are the best quality packaging in terms of protecting the products in addition to being biodegradable. So, the usage of corrugated packaging material brings many benefits to the supply chain. It can be used for multiple times and therefore it saves the environment of the extreme pollution threats which brings good name to your organization. Also, the risk of your product getting damaged during the supply chain reduces multiple times by using corrugated cartons which is very advantageous.

The trend of using corrugated boxes for packaging purposes has increased a lot and is used by many different industries. The benefits of corrugated packages and its positive effects on supply chain change are evident from the fact that they are extremely popular and are extensively used today by many product businesses.

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