Being concerned about the future is fine, but over stressing about every bit of the future is quite dissatisfying. I never rely on the expectations of my parents and end up messing up my life and then crying over the spilt milk. Always making wrong decisions and then thinking it would have been better on the other way. Things don’t usually shape up the way I want them to. So, I was quite confused regarding which field to take up after class 12th.
I was a non medical student and had a desire to do something in either engineering or in the B.Sc. field with either mathematics or physics. I was searching the internet regarding which course has a better and wider scope and which would match my capabilities. After a long period of pondering over it, I came up with a conclusion after consulting some seniors, career guiders and the internet. Keeping in mind all the things and expectations from my future, I decided to take computer engineering as my field. With a wider scope IT is a great field to take up and hold on for a bright future. Being a passionate and a desperate learner of computers, I have build interest in the field of computer sciences.
Now, the course was decided, i.e. B.Tech. It was a dream of mine to grab a seat in one of the top 10 engineering colleges. It was the time to decide the college based on my ranking. Grabbing a seat in one of the best engineering colleges is a tough job and that was my major concern. Within a few days, the results for entrance exams were out. Fortunately, the result was good and I had a good score in JEE and JEE MAINS. I could easily get admission in one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Haryana. Being a resident of Haryana and exposed to its culture and environment, I wanted to stay here with my family and complete my studies at one of the best engineering colleges of Haryana only.
Now, the biggest confusion arose, the most problematic and the most important one- which college to chose and on what basis. I searched about the top 10 engineering colleges in Haryana and prepared a list of various private as well as government institutes. Ranging from the fee structure and the faculty, to the quality of the placement cell of the college, I made a note of everything important.
On this basis, I decided to take up JMIT best engineering college in haryana. As, it is one of the best engineering colleges in Haryana and a leading institute in various facets like faculty, environment, crowd, location and growth opportunities. The fee structure was affordable according to the course. The alumni shared positive and amazing reviews which helped me to make the perfect choice and get admitted to one of the top 10 engineering colleges in Haryana.

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