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Essential Home Inspection Tips For Buyers And Sellers

Whenever you buy or sell a place, the foundation of the property is what will decide at least half of the cost of it. Though the exterior of your home matters and is one of the major aspects that come into notice, the interior and foundation are equally important. This affects both the buyer as well as the seller. Here are a few tips that can help you if you are buying or selling a house, to take care of a few things before the actual inspection.

Home Inspection Tips for Sellers

Using the following tips, a seller can speed up the home inspection process and ensure all things are in check before hiring any Home Inspection Companies in Spring Hill TN. With these suggestions, the inspection will be smoother and will have fewer concerns.

1. Check for the proper fitting of air filters (HVAC).
2. Keep the area around the foundation clear from wood, debris, and other stored items, as the home inspector will point it out as the ideal location for termite growth.
3. Make sure that gas, electric, and water services are working well. Moreover, check if the gas pilot lights are burning properly.
4. Change burned out electrical items like bulbs to avoid getting any light inoperable report.
5. Remove any dead batteries to avoid problems related to carbon monoxide and smoke tests.

A Guide For Sellers

These as some of the things that you should remember:

• A duration of 1 to 2 days is the typical time for a good foundation company to do a complete repair.
• It is better to go for foundation inspection in Spring Hill TN before you put your house up for sale. Any local foundation repair expert will gladly provide you with a cost-free evaluation and assessment.
• Conventional loan approvals and FHA/VA are not an issue when the foundation is well-repaired and is backed up by a lifetime warranty. Do not forget to check if the contractor offers a lifetime transferable warranty or not.
• As long as you tell the details of the foundation that you know of, you can sell the house without any foundation repairs if you are owner backing the sale. Usually, the houses that require foundation repairs are sold with a discount.

A Guide For Buyers

Your home inspection report should be read with a great deal of concentration. Foundation settlement is an important concern and it can reduce the worth of any home. If you find any indication of foundation problem then contact a foundation repair contractor right away for assistance. If the contractor is qualified and reliable, he/she will give you an honest assessment of the house.

Here are some of the examples of the warning statements that you may find in a home inspection report:

• Cracks in wall/floor/brick/ceiling
• Cracks in the floor slab
• Windows tough to open
• Fascia/trim separation
• Foundation movement may surpass FHA/VA standards
• Slight evidence of settling was seen
• Recommend calling a foundation repair service provider
• Caulk separation at doors or windows

Do not let the home inspection report fool you. It is generally written in basic terms which may not give clear details of the foundation. A home inspection gives a report on the general conditions of the house, and not a structural report. Contact a foundation inspector for better and accurate details.

Often people think that home inspection does not play an important role when buying or selling a house, but that’s where they go wrong. It is extremely vital for your safety as well as to ensure the safe-running of the appliances, installations, and systems of the house. You should know what you paying for.

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