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Expecting The Best Cure For Dandruff??Then Read on…

Skin care routine for mild dandruff:

Wash scalp with dandruff shampoo daily or every other day

May use hair conditioner on hair as needed

Need more frequent daily shampooing when symptoms are more severe

Skin care routine for moderate or severe dandruff:

Wash scalp with dandruff shampoo daily

May use hair conditioner on hair as needed

Need more frequent shampooing when symptoms are more severe

What Is the Follow-up for Treating Dandruff?

Use all shampoos and medications as prescribed and expect gradual improvement.

Keep in mind that many people have dandruff, and most individuals do require long-term changes in skin care and a commitment to proper hair and skin hygiene.

How Do You Prevent Dandruff?

Practicing good skin and hair hygiene may help prevent flares of dandruff. More regular or frequent shampooing is important during flares.

See self-care at home for other ideas on preventing dandruff flares.

What Is the Prognosis for Dandruff?

The outlook for dandruff is good. Although dandruff is not curable, it is controllable. While the exact cause remains unknown, typically dandruff is easy to control with medicated shampoos and topical cortisone products. Dandruff may spontaneously clear even without treatment. Babies frequently completely outgrow their dandruff or “cradle cap.” Since most common dandruff tends to be chronic, this means an individual may have occasional flares and remissions of the symptoms, more at times of poor health or stress.

However Segals Solutions Shampoos are intended to perpetually address dandruff, oily scalp, weak hair-root, hairloss and thinning hair issues with a high-class fortification, while it cleanses the hair and scalp of deep seated impurities. They contain the potent wonder-herb Saw Palmetto in combination with various other unique herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals.They help to rejuvenate the sebacious gland, arrest seborrheac conditions and create clear, hygienic conditions for healthy hair growth by cleansing the scalp and stabilising the metabolism in the hair follicle. It is gentle pH balanced and free from all harsh chemicals.


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