Explore the Different Survival Tips in Wildlife that Will Keep You Prepared

At times we forget how simple we have it. In fact, amid the crazy routine of life, we take for granted a bottle of water or juice when thirsty or push the button for lighting a fire. We should always keep in mind this can be gone through the blink of the eye. The unexpected can take place at any time like we may lose our way or meet with an accident and it is merely we and the wilderness having no ties with the civilization. Take a look at the basic wilderness tips which will keep you prepared if in case.

  • Communication is Key- Always inform someone as to where you are heading towards before setting off for the trip. Irrespective of where you go, should you get stranded unexpectedly, you can get help.
  • Think Positive and Keep Calm- Especially in a wildlife safari or jungle, you should always think positive and be calm. After all, optimism goes a long way, especially during a survival situation; this will begin with you as well as your attitude. That should also include your will irrespective of how alone and scared you may feel. Here it is extremely crucial in maintaining a realistic outlook as well as plan diligently to be in the finest possible mental and physical state. In case something fails to work correctly, do not rush or panic instead try to find a way.
  • Take Inventory- Try to store everything you have as should the second plan fail these will turn into your prized possession which can save your life. Do not underestimate even the smallest of thing.
  • Build a Shelter- You also need to be creative and build a shelter for yourself. In the forest or the wildlife, you can use leaves and limbs that can offer insulation and protect you from the elements. You can use pine needles for making the bedding.
  • Collect Water- Water is something without which you cannot survive. If you have freshwater nearby you will be lucky, but do not forget to boil it before consuming but if you cannot find water nearby continue searching for the same and build water still or rain catcher. If you have a horse with you, then you need to store water for the horse as well. Be it for horse racing or horse safari you need to give sufficient water to your horse. To know more about horse racing visit TVG.
  • Keep Your Tummy Happy- We all need food to survive else it can make us feel weak, delirious and cranky. So, make yourself familiar with wild fruits that are edible, and you cannot be picky.
  • Light the Fire- By lighting a fire you can cook food, keep yourself warm and also protect yourself from pesky bugs and predators.
  • Tool- Always carry a multi-tool or at least a knife while going to the jungle or forest as you may need it at any point in time.
  • Navigation- Carry a compass for navigation purpose. Also keep track of the mountains, paths or rivers following can lead towards to the right road and civilization.

Next time, you embark on a journey to wildlife, follow these survival tips sincerely, and you cannot go wrong.


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