How Fast Do Afformations® Work?

People often ask me, “How fast do Afformations® work?”

(This question, by the way, typically comes from people who haven’t actually tried using Afformations® yet!)

Thousands of people have told me that as soon as they started using Afformations®, they felt an immediate sense of calm, peace of mind, and happiness…

They also saw instant changes in their outlook on life, their emotions, and their health…

And over time, they found themselves manifesting things that had once seemed impossible.

However — and this is a very important point — The Afformations® Method is based on science, not magic.

You cannot use Afformations® to lose weight… eat junk food and not exercise… and expect to lose weight.

You can’t use Afformations® to make more money… do nothing to grow your business or get more clients… and expect to make more money.

Bottom line?

You can’t break Universal Law and expect to get what you want.

That’s why the point of using Afformations® is not to try to trick your mind, but to use it properly.

I believe in you!


Noah St. John, Author The Book of Afformations®

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