Five secrets of the professional Forex traders

Trading is one of the most popular professions in today’s word. Many people in Singaporean have secured their financial freedom just by trading the live assets. If you look at the senior traders in the retail trading community, you will notice few things in common. All the successful traders have in-depth knowledge about the market dynamics and they are much disciplined in their trade execution. Even though they have enough capital to take the risk but never increase their lot size to earn huge money within a short period of time. You have to consider the trading as your business. This article will highlight five key secrets of the professional traders so that you can learn to trade like the expert.


Health is wealth

In order to deal with the stress of the currency trading profession, you must ensure a healthy routine. Make sure you are doing exercise in the morning and taking a balanced diet. Once your body is in perfect order, you will be able to do the precise market analysis. Spend some money and hit the local gym and make sure you are not compromising your health to learn currency trading. In fact, health should be your first priority.



Every professional Singaporean traders are very knowledgeable. They know the three major form of market analysis very well. The technical part will help you to find the best trades at the key support and resistance level. But what about the fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is one of the most crucial things which will help you to understand the structure of the market. It will also help you to assess the strength of the market trend which will eventually maximize your profit factors. Once you have gained enough knowledge on this two factors, you will gradually understand the psychology of the market.



When you are trading CFDs, you must exhibit a strong level of patience. Without having patience in the retail trading industry, no one in this world can make a profit in the long run. You have to take your patience level to the extreme point and only then you will be able to make money. Finding the quality trades in the lower time frame is not all easy. So focus on the higher time frame data. And when you switch back to the daily or weekly time frame, your patience level will be tested by the market several times.


Risk management policy

Managing your losing trades is one of the most important tasks of the retail traders. The retail traders often get confused after losing a few trades and they don’t know the proper way to trade the market. Unless you have extensive experience, it’s very obvious you will get frustrated after losing a few trades. But if you trade with a very small lot, even after losing a few trades, you will be able to recover the loss. No matter what happens, you should never risk more than 3% of account investment. Be more concern about your investment to protect your trading capital.


Control over emotions

You must learn to control your emotions to trade the market as your full-time profession. If you ever trade with emotions, it won’t take much time to lose your investment. As a retail trader, you must understand the risk factors of the market. In order to control your emotions, you must read books and articles on trading psychology. Embrace the fact trading is all about probability. Regardless of skill, you will always have to lose money. Taking control of your emotions is not all hard. If you can develop strong devotion and dedicate yourself to this industry, it won’t take much time to gain control over your emotions. Always follow the conservative of trading and you will be able to protect your capital. Stop working hard but work smart.

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