Fix google voice and ok google service not responding


Google is the company that release all its features with some of the really amazing features. If you are the user of the google devices or the services then you may be facing one or more issue while using it. For all those issues you need to know that there is nothing to be worried about since the company holds the responsibility to help you in dealing with all the issues with ease.

Now just think for a while that you use the google OK and now you see that the google ok has stopped. In this condition you just have to simply take the help from the techies of the company and you can easily do that by calling on the number of the company. Now once you have started facing the issue then you need to find the answer to the following:-

How to fix issue if google voice not responding?

If this is you issue then you have to simply follow the steps mentioned here:-

  • You have to first of all open the google app followed by going to the main menu of the app.

  • Once you get there then you have to move ahead to the settings option and then to the voice option.

  • As you do that then comes the time to click on Ok google detection and there you have to simply enable the ok google option.

How to fix the issue if OK google not responding?

If you are facing this issue then move ahead to follow the below written steps in juts no time:-

  • At the first step you have to make sure that you own a latest version of the Google app.

  • Followed by opening it and then going to the bottom of the page, and there you have to tap on menu settings.

  • Now comes the time to tap on voice match followed by turning from the google app.

So the above mentioned process is the simple that you need to follow in order to deal with the issue.

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