Foundation Course at TERii Kurukshetra (Haryana)


In the age of test drives, you always take the car out before deciding to buy it; test the performance of gadgets before making them your possessions; taste the food before ordering; and try out fashionable clothes and shoes before paying for them. Going just by hearsay is not enough to make the final choice. You need to experience to believe it.

With a vast opportunity and numerous options to choose from after school, students are often confused about their decisions regarding colleges and courses. There are no opportunities of knowing what the course really is about and also what the college actually provides after admission is done. In many cases, it is too late to back out of a course or change the college for obvious reasons like money, time, and efforts.

TERii Kurukshetra (Haryana) offers a unique and unbelievably free Foundation Course for students who are unsure of their decisions about taking admission at a college. You can move into the college campus for a two week duration and experience life and training here before taking the final decision.

Try out what it would be like to do a technical or professional course like B. Tech, MBA, BBA, or even a Polytech Diploma. Be like an enrolled student with nothing to pay for except your travel to TERii Kurukshetra (Haryana).

Experience the routine and curriculum of the course you choose; meet its Faculty and know the teaching learning process; and learn about its results and placements. Apart from following the academic time table, live the life on the campus with its activities, facilities, play grounds, sports facilities, and many more. Enjoy the entertainment on the campus and learn from the hands on experiences of tours and excursions.

Walk in to the college with your student identification and be like a student here with no fees paid. You can walk out of it unconditionally at the end of a free two weeks student life, in case you want to move on. With no conditions attached, it’s a unique and amazing opportunity for students to know how education and life is in TERii Kurukshetra.

Complete the formalities of admission at the end of this two week trial period. This orientation program will go a long way in settling you down at the college. This Foundation Course will help you decide if the course you have chosen is right for you and if you will enjoy the campus life of a hosteller as well.

Come and experience the trial offered by the pioneers of such a Foundation Course. Choose from three available slots your dates of the free boarding and lodging at TERii Kurukshetra (Haryana). This is the only student orientation program you need for making the right choice and have been waiting for it since you were at the crossroads of decisions. Choose the right path and run along the road to success.

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