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Furniture Installation Services

Our team of professional carpenters is extremely professional and highly trained in handling every type of order right from creating furniture from scratch as well as in furniture installation and basic carpenter services for households. Here are the various types of furniture installation services that we offer –

Bed and wardrobe installation
we help in completely putting together your dismantled cupboards, wardrobes and almiras from your old house in your new house and also ensure all the alignment is accurate with your new walls. As for the bed, we ensure that the bed is put together perfectly to ensure the sturdiness and durability is perfect for long term use. When using old furniture from the previous house, a lot of times, the old furniture doesn’t fit well in the new rooms of your new house which is why you need to hire our professional carpenter services to modify the furniture to fit in your new bedroom.

Living room furniture installation
Living room furniture ranges from simple sofa sets and center tables to elaborate brackets for your home theatre systems, dining table set, book shelves, side tables etc. We ensure all of those items are installed perfectly on to your walls and around the house for the perfect living room setting. The TV unit placement, speakers’ placement, lights and home décor for your living room will be placed perfectly to ensure all the items are properly spaced giving enough room to move around the living room without it looking too congested.

Basic carpenter services
If you need a basic carpenter’s service to help you with fixing a broken chair, fixing your bathroom door or even build a fence in your backyard, then we have the most affordable carpenter services for you. All the materials are provided by us along with the labor charge. You don’t need to struggle to fix your broken furniture by yourself when you can simply call for our carpenter services and get your work done efficiently without any hassle! We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction from the smallest to the biggest jobs around the house.

Apart from this, if you are looking to custom build furniture for your house, you can also avail those services from our company. Our interior designer and carpenter will visit your house for the measurements and specification post which a layout will be sent to you. On the basis of this, you can customize the entire furniture and furniture installation of your house!

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