All About Handcrafted Coffee And Why You Should Give A Hoot About It

If you’re a true coffee lover, you’d know how handcrafted coffee is different and far superior than your plain and simple machine coffee. It is more than just adding coffee powder to milk, to have a cup of handcrafted coffee you’ll have to prepare it with a special coffee press tool, get freshly roasted coffee and know the science and art behind the preparation of gourmet coffee. However, the good news is that now you don’t have to preparing your very own cup of delicious specialty coffee because, McCafe promises to offer you with the best handcrafted coffee in town. You can walk the mile but you’ll not find the delicious sips that you’ll get here.

There are various beverages at McDonald’s India but there’s nothing like the freshly brewed coffee at the McCafe. If you still have doubts about it, here’s why you must try our handcrafted coffee at once.


100% Arabica Beans

The cup of joe that you’ll have here will be made from 100% Arabica beans. These are the best kind of coffee beans out there and also the most sophisticate kind. They are carefully roasted to meet the highest standards. They bring out the most fragrant espresso. Top it up with layer of crema, it will take you straight to the coffee heaven.



The smoothness of the coffee depends on the extraction and for that the baristas have to take extra care during the brewing process. Extraction is basically the process of dissolving the coffee flavours in water. So, it’s very important to get it right or the coffee will be too bland or too bitter. Other factors that affect the smoothness of the coffee are the grind size of the beans, water temperature and also the extraction time.


Rich in Taste

At McCafe we realize that you spend your hard earned money for a cup of joe and that you should get the flavor that you deserve out of it. This is why we source our coffee beans from organic coffee farmers for whom every bean is a product of artisan care.  The roasting of the beans is again done by craftsmen who roast small batches according to the point of origin of the beans and finally brewed by expert baristas who hand you a cup of coffee that’s rich in taste.


Full Flavored

To get full flavor of the coffee it is important to use right temperature water to prepare it. Fresh water has gasses dissolved in it which makes it aerated and tasty, by over boiling it these gasses gets removed, as a result of which you get a flat or blunt taste.



It is the aroma of the coffee that is responsible for the flavor attributes that can’t be perceived by our tongue. If your cup of coffee doesn’t smell great, you’ll never get the flavor that you want. The best smelling coffee is the one that is made out of freshly roasted coffee grounds. At McCafe we source coffee directly from the rosters that has never been on a shelf.


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