Have some Suggestions Regarding your Flower girl’s dresses

To go crazy on pretty bows and girlish frills kitting out your flower girl is your chance.

By a baby pink dress with a full net skirt and satin rosebuds your older bridesmaids might not be impressed, but it will be simply loved by your flower girl.

Along with a little practical suggestion on choosing their first communion dresses here are some of the key looks for flower girl dresses.

Co-ordinating accessories

You can’t afford to buy four dresses although you have four young nieces that you’d like to have as flower girls. Perhaps simple white knee-length cotton summer dresses, to dress them in similar dresses ask their parents, and then with matching accessories such as a fresh flower head and coloured sash dress kit them out.

The miniature bridesmaid

You can have a co-ordinated wedding party as in the same style as bridesmaids’ dresses many designers have flower girl dresses.

As grown up bridesmaids won’t always suit young flower girls you must consider that styles; for example something similar but with straps added can be worn by your flower girl if your bridesmaids are wearing strapless gowns.

One great look is in a darker or lighter shade of the same colour to have your flower girl in the same style flower girl dresses as the bridesmaids.

The miniature bride

A tiny version of the bridal gown without the veil of course and the rigid structure is the traditional look for a flower girl. Mimicking the bride flower girls look adorable in ivory or white gowns that, in the same colour as the bridesmaids is perhaps with an added sash.

Advice for flower girl dresses

Here are some practical aspects to consider before with the look of your flower girl dresses you get carried away:

  • Instead of processing your flower girl may end up tripping down the aisle if she isn’t used to them although floor length dresses are very pretty. Have a tea-length dress turned up a little simply or consider an original one. Same is the case for custom birthday dresses.
  • To ensure it won’t be irritating or itchy to the skin check the material you have chosen, and you must also take care that to wear all day for your flower girl it’s not too heavy.
  • When it gets cold complimenting her dress to slip on ensure your flower girl has a pretty cardigan.
  • To keep the flower girl comfortable keep flower girl shoes simple and flat. White sandals or Slip on pumps are great. Before the wedding to break them in in the week ask her parents to get her to wear them around the house.
  • As you can guarantee something will get spilt on it during the day on your flower girl’s dress don’t spend a fortune. Ensure it can be dry cleaned with your gown if you want her to be able to keep it as a memento of the day.
  • Ask your flower girl’s parents to ensure on the day she is wearing white inner. You don’t want them to star in your wedding photos although her pink puppy dog knickers might be her favourite. Ensure in case of ladders or snags there is a spare pair to hand if you want her to wear tights.

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