How Can Anybody Get Stronger Hair,Strong from the Roots Easily???

Tips for Strong, Shiny & Healthy Hair

Start showing off healthy and shiny hair today with these basic guidelines.

Have you noticed your hair getting weaker? If you’ve seen breakage, split ends and dryness, it’s time to get your hair back on track. Luckily, healthy, shiny & strong hair can be yours with just a few easy steps. Here are four simple guidelines to get you started.

How to Make your Hair Stronger in Simple Steps:

1. Vitamins

Boost your diet with nutritional supplements. They will provide your hair with the vitamins it needs, like B vitamins, which help strengthen your hair and nails. You can also find these hair strengthening vitamins in your refrigerator.

2. Massage

Did you know the roots of your hair are nourished by capillaries that carry oxygen and nutrients? Stimulating the circulation (which slows down with age) will help strengthen the roots of your hair. You can indulge yourself with a scalp massage by a professional, or try it at home! This massage with help in making your hair thick and strong from roots!

4 Steps to do a Hair Massage at Home:

  • Just tilt your head forward and down
  • Warm the nape of the neck with the palm of your hand to encourage blood flow to this area
  • Massage from the nape upward to improve circulation
  • Brushing your hair with your head tilted forward and down will also stimulate blood flow

Other helpful tips for improving hair strength:

  • Avoid using hair elastics that are too tight or too thin.
  • Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible.
  • Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, gently squeeze out the water.
  • Wet hair is more sensitive, use a wide-toothed comb for detangling hair.

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