How to check dedicated server usage?

Here you can check the number of transactions used by your account, as well as the number of active processes currently performed by your account.

When running a dedicated server, one of the most important server resources strictly related to your websites, hosting accounts, and the dedicated machine as a whole is server bandwidth. If you choose a dedicated cPanel server, you can check its use in two ways.

The stat function represents the number of files / folders you have on your web hosting account. If you keep as few transactions as possible on your account, your account will retain the best overall performance.

The statistic showing which active processes your account is currently running is a unique feature of our cPanel. With statistics, you’ll know exactly which processes are running on your account. This will give you more information about your account and your website. In addition, you will be able to see the CPU and memory resources consumed by a given process. And all this information is given to you in real time!

Process for verifying the use of dedicated server hosting:

  • You can check the bandwidth usage of all server accounts under WHM. This can be done by visiting the following WHM section

Account Information >> View Bandwidth Usage

This tool records all HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and POP3 traffic that an ordinary account can use.

  • You can check detailed information about bandwidth usage for a particular cPanel account on your dedicated server! To do this, log in to the customer’s account and go to

Newspapers >> Bandwidth

There you can find specific information about the service that uses a lot of bandwidth – very useful for reducing the problems associated with the excessive use of bandwidth.

In case you decide to opt for a dedicated server based on an administrator, to check the use of disk space and bandwidth, click on the “Statistics” icon in the main menu of the Panel configuration. Note that the direct administrator uses the total usage (not the use of the domain) to determine when quotas have been exceeded!

  • If you chose the WHCP Control Panel, you can always check your bandwidth statistics by going to the appropriate section

Real-Time Statistics >> Bandwidth Statistics

With our dedicated server hosting solution, you have the possibility to order the service yourself and enjoy the benefits of the fastest and most reliable dedicated servers, VPS servers or semi-dedicated servers compared to current market offers or to start reselling this dedicated server hosting services and gaining profits by doing so.

CPU utilization statistics will give you a good indication of when your account has exceeded its current hosting server. In other words, this statistic will tell you when to use a more powerful hosting solution, such as a dedicated server. Another unique feature of cPanel is the ability to see the executions of your account; once again, you will be able to see the executions of your account for the last hour, the last 24 hours and the last week.

The statistics we have introduced into our cPanel have been developed with one goal in mind: to give the customer’s preference as much useful information as possible about their accounts. We know this information will help our customers better manage their accounts.


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