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How to use Cannabis in your Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is a top priority for many, and if its not, then you should at least be paying it some decent attention. In the wake of recreational cannabis and the renewed interest in marijuana for sale and the different products that can be bought, using marijuana for healthy skin is now an option.

Maybe you have great skin, or maybe you have tried everything under the sun and over the prescription counter to treat trouble skin – either way- marijuana can be an excellent addition to your skincare regimen.

People who have gone through all medicines available in the search for something that can help in treating problem skin are sometimes left empty handed, and so then begin turning to more alternative methods. This may cause them to browse through different websites, finding marijuana for sale online and different marijuana skin care products. but how does marijuana work for your skin? Is it just hype over a new trend or does it really have the potential to be beneficial?

There are many different marijuana products for sale online, so how do you know which is the best to use if you want to target your skin?

If you want to be able to answer this question for yourself, then it is best to cultivate an understanding of how cannabis works.

How it Works: the basics

Marijuana has known anti-inflammatory properties, but it also has antioxidants which could act as anti-aging properties for your skin. Oil that is crafted from hemp seed, hemp seed oil, is also highly beneficial because hemp seed oil contains a high percentage of fatty acids omega 3’s and 6’s. This omegas play a crucial role in protecting the skin against harmful rays from the sun and also provides internal moisture.

How it Works: the details

In order to gain a better understanding so that you can decide for yourself which one out of the many marijuana products for sale online is the best option for you, it is best to gain an understanding of how your body and cannabis interact.

Most mammals, including humans, have an endocannabinoid system. This ‘system’ is complex network of receptors intelligently scattered through the body, skin and brain. The cannabis plant contains many different cannabinoids, the main ones being THC and CBD. The THC and CBD cannabinoids communicate with the body’s receptors that are located throughout the body. This ‘communication’ is what triggers the responses like the anti-inflammatory, pain relief and others.

What Products are Best?

When it comes to targeted marijuana use for skincare, drop the joint. No smoke is good for the skin so avoid any method of smoking. One of the best ways to apply marijuana products for skincare is to apply it topically, directly onto the skin.

The best marijuana skin products for sale online are generally the ones that use hemp seed oil or coconut oil as a base, as these have some of the best range of properties for the skin, as well as having a very high percentage of fatty acids that are not only essential for healthy skin, but also a great carrier oil for the CBD extraction process, maintaining a higher rate of cannabinoids.

There are many studies that have been done to try to gain an in-depth understanding of how cannabis and its cannabinoids work and there are many anecdotal findings about the value of marijuana products for skin care.

CBD has been found to assist people relieving problems like acne, eczema and even psoriasis because of the strong anti-inflammatory effect that the cannabinoids have.

Most people suffer, or have suffered, some form of skin issue- whether it is a scar or something more severe- and a plant-based treatment that works would be a welcome relief for most people. According to the American Academy of Dermatology 50 billion Americas are effected by some form of skin issue each year with acne alone contribute to $3 billion in sales for pharmaceutical companies.

The market of skin care is flooded with thousand of products and still, people are looking for alternatives. Cannabis for skin care may be a current trend, however with research and positive experiences from users, it could be a trend that sticks.

The current understanding of both the human receptor system and the cannabinoids within the cannabis are limited, and we will begin to see more and more research emerging as more studies will be performed. What we are sure to see in the future is an array of differing marijuana skin products for sale, including oils, creams, gels, etc. the best way to choose your marijuana skin product is to select a range that offers organic and and consciously grown marijuana, free from chemicals, pesticides and growth enhancers.

Use a product that contains an oil base that you know your skin responds well to, whether it is coconut or hemp oil.

Do your research and support companies that grow or source marijuana using ethical and sustainable growing methods, and when it comes to your skin- always source the ‘purest’ marijuana products that are for sale.

Love your skin, treat it well and use a natural, plant-based product to keep healthy and glowing! For more information visit here :

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