Kheer: One Word Many Varieties

If you have a sweet tooth then you would always look for the items in the kitchen to make one for you at the time of getting a sweet craving. One of the easiest, hassle free & quickest way to satisfy your taste buds in making kheer. It is one of those year-round favourite sweet dish that is made in every occasion or even any small family gatherings. Rice Kheer is soft, creamy, rich and a delight for the taste buds. It is the perfect dessert for the ones who has a sweet tooth. Served either hot or chilled, rice Kheer altogether has a different experience of satisfaction.

Rice Kheer: Rice Kheer/ Rice Payasam is by far the most common kheer that is loved by most of us. This is one of the most common and basic sweets that is made in almost all homes for festivals, Pujas, special occasions (rice tasting ceremony of 6-month-old infant) or even a after dinner sweet dish.

Pumpkin kheer: Pumpkin is a symbol of festivity and is used often for religious ceremonies. This unique flavored and delicious kheer is made using golden pumpkin, sago, sugar and dry fruits.

Paneer kheer: This kheer is thick & little rich. It becomes all the more rich if Khoa is added to it. Made with Indian cottage cheese and sugar. A quick festive treat if you have paneer ready in hand.

Sabudana kheer: A special kheer is made with tapioca pearls (sago), milk, and sugar. It mostly consumed during the time of fasting. Tapioca pearls are great to have during summers as it is good to reduce the body temperature during heat

Badam kheer: This is a royal kheer which is rich and delicious dessert made using only almonds, milk and sugar. This is great to serve on festive occasions as a after meal dessert.

Moong dal Payasam: This is another dessert made using moong dal. The recipe is almost similar to rice kheer only thing that you got to replace rice with moong dal.

Oats kheer recipe: Tasty & healthy. This kheer is the Healthiest guilt free sweet dessert made with oats, milk and sugar. Oats kheer can be taken as a breakfast adding few fruits & nuts or an after food sweet dish.

Sheer Khurma: This is the most typical & loved kheer recipe during Ramadan. A must have after Eid fasting. This rich, delicious and filling vermicelli pudding is great to enjoy during the holy month of ramadan as it is nutrient dense and healthy.

Semiya payasam: The fastest Kheer to make. The Vermicelli kheer can be made as fast as in like 20 mins. It can satify your taste buds for a sweet cravings.

The author loves experimenting with foods & every time it turns out to be a perfect recipe. She has a sweet tooth & craves for it most often. Rice kheer & Sheer Khurma are her most favourite Indian Dessert & she has learnt different styles of making it from Living Foodz channel.

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