Know all about UPS and inverters

Know all about UPS and inverters

The UPS and the inverter, both tend to serve similar purpose, which is to provide power backup when there is power outage. But how they achieve this aspect is what actually differentiates them, besides other attributes. The growing importance of both the devices is evident from its increasing popularity with time. With the modern electronic gadgets and devices requiring stable electric current all the time, power supply will only mean not being able to use them. Any household is likely to have mobile chargers, TV, refrigerator, desktop, laptop, AC, etc. To use them, proper and continuous power supply will be required.

Its working

UPS:  It is connected with the mains supply using an electrical socket. Ass electricity is transferred from main supply, it feeds off electrical energy from mains. Then AC is converted into DC equivalent to charge UPS battery. During electrical failure, battery output goes through the UPS sine wave inverter. The latter is the one that helps in conversion of DC to AC equivalent that is fed to necessary electrical appliances to help them to function properly and when required during power outage.

Inverter: The inverter supplies direct electrical energy to all electrical appliances which are connected through its wires. Moreover, AC conversion into DC equivalent is done to charge the battery. The electricity in the inverter goes through UPS battery  to keep it from getting discharged. An arraignment present of sensors and relay switch to monitor main power source supply. As the mains gets switched off, sensors convey the same to the relay that switches on automatically the inverter. Buy luminous inverter battery online and enjoy getting good supply of power during power outage.

Inverter vs. UPS

  • Backup: Switch to UPS power supply from the mains is very fast. No lag exists and there will not be experienced any kind of system crash or fear losing out precious data during transition to UPS supply from the mains. For the UPS to function to its optimum, it takes just 3-8 milliseconds. But when operating the inverter, a lag is found of few microseconds resulting in electrical appliances getting switched off. The inverter’s lag time is around 500 milliseconds.
  • AC-DC conversion: AC power is drawn continuously by the UPS from mains supply. AC power is then converted to DC for charging the battery. If there is power outage, then electrical appliances are supplied with necessary power from the battery until it gets drained out completely. On the other hand, AC power is drawn by the inverter from mains supply to convert to DC equivalent. The inverter battery is charged simultaneously by such DC equivalent charges.
  • Connection: The UPS is connected directly to the necessary electrical appliances. The inverter gets connected to electrical appliances using mains power supply.

The above are few of the significant attributes which separates the inverter from UPS. Apart from this, price of inverter is much lower than the UPS. If the plan is to buy a battery online, then do some research to find out the best deal and to make huge savings.

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