Magick Trips a traveler’s dream


I’m a tech guy from India, from the city of joy Kolkata. With so much work pressure I sometimes think to give my work a break and go to some lonely place where I can get peace of mind. But office work and my boss never permit to do that but last month I made my mind and decided to go to North Sikkim. As I know North Sikkim is a very beautiful place but I didn’t want to take all those headaches like where to stay there and which hotel is safe and I as a complete stranger could be fooled there easily. Then I decided to search in the Google for a good travel website but I knew that most of the packages of those famous websites cost me an arm and a leg so I became sad. But one of my best friends told me about a new website that was recently launched. After I reached home, I immediately opened my laptop and google that website. The website was awesome as I never thought that it would offer so many different kinds of packages at such an affordable rate. Then I started searching for my favorite destination North Sikkim. I found the package and I almost surprised seeing the rate. At the same time, I became suspicious as of how can a travel website offer such a low price tour but somewhere I was confident as my best friend already booked and went to Goa. So, finally, I booked the package and packed my bag. And as I thought and told by my friend, the services were just awesome. I enjoyed a lot there in North Sikkim.

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