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Main Types of Firewood to Choose From

If you are a fan of the outdoor and regularly light a campfire, one of the most important things that you need to have is firewood. You will also need to realize that different places have different kinds of trees and therefore, it is important to choose one that is best suited for firewood. Some types of firewood are usually good for kindling the fire but ends up burning out quickly. Other lasts for long but are difficult to light especially if you do not have supplemental firewood. Here are some of the common types of wood that you should know when choosing bulk firewood for sale.


This is among the most common type of firewood you will ever find in a firewood delivery Sydney. The oak is a hardwood tree that is usually very dense and will burn for a long period of time. The most difficult part is to light it. Due to the density of the firewood, it needs continuous heating before it can start to burn well. You can make it start burning by using softwood like pine before adding the oak on top of the fire. The good thing is that the moment it begins to burn, you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance.


One reason you should consider this type when searching for bulk firewood NSW, is that it has very little smoke. It also produces a very sweet aroma and this makes it a good choice for a bonfire bash.


This is a type of firewood whose heating value is above average. While it can be tough to split, it is usually very hot-burning and efficient. It is also hard to kindle but it burns in a strong way the moment it gets going. The wood has very little smoke.


This is a tree that is popular for its unique bark. It also has several species within its family. The wood is usually softer and this makes a god choice for starting a fire.


This softwood is worth considering when searching for a firewood box for sale. The wood contains high amounts of resin and sap content but should only be burned outdoor.

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