Microsoft Certification versus CCNA training

Technology or automation has brought a tremendous change in our lives. There is a fear that soon it will replace the entry-level tech jobs. So, is there any way to become future proof from such drastic consequences? The answer is yes, get yourself certified. There are so many IT certifications that are ringing the bell; the best among them are Microsoft certification and CCNA certification. But which certification can really help you to boost your career? Here’s a guide on which certification can do wonders.

Microsoft– Microsoft certification offers a wide range of courses to match the growing requirements of the IT professionals. For instance, MCSE course is aimed at certifying individuals who work on Microsoft Windows servers and networks. Those candidates, who take this exam, need to clear five exams in order to earn the MCSE accreditation. The first three exams are majorly focused on understanding the nuts and bolts of Windows and SQL server.

CCNA training– CCNA certification is meant for the individuals who want to learn the details about CISCO routers, switches, and other IT equipment

Benefits of Microsoft training– the major benefit of Microsoft certification is that Microsoft in itself is a reputed name and every Tom, Dick and Harry can understand what this certification means and thus you don’t need to make others aware about it.

CCNA training benefits– Though CISCO is not a powerful name, but there are various companies that are installing, commissioning and configuring routers and servers. CCNA training will help the candidate to start an altogether a different journey. In fact, there are varied specializations available within the CCNA certification depending upon your expertise including switching, routing, data center, and service provider. The specialty chosen will impact the number of exams that you will need to take.

Microsoft Challenges– the MCSE certification has an expiry period of 3 years and after that the candidate needs to re-take the exam. This time period ensures that the candidates are abreast about the latest Microsoft technologies. Getting this certification is difficult, but easy as compared to CISCO certification.

CCNA training course- Similar to Microsoft, CCNA training exam will expire after three years. The individuals need to recertify themselves once the validation expires. CCNA certification is more demanding than Microsoft because it’s not easy to clear and some students feel the wording of CISCO exam quite difficult to understand.


Let’s conclude it with the help of the table:

Basis Microsoft Certification CCNA Certification
Rapport Microsoft is a popular brand and is well-recognized by the individuals. CISCO is a well-known name but most of the people are not aware of it.
Demanding It gives your resume a new facelift. CCNA certification is a more demanding course as compared to Microsoft
Exam The exam is easy. Getting yourself CCNA certified is a difficult job.
Cost The cost of this exam is less. It is a more expensive course.
Practice tests/Mock Exams The internet is filled with mock tests and practice exams. It is a less recognized course, hence there a few tutorials of it.
Can be applied The knowledge can be applied to Microsoft servers only. The knowledge applied can be used for various other networks.



Both CCNA certification and Microsoft training course has their own share of pros and cons, hence it is important to understand your career objective and take the right decision.

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