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Multi year emerges in the profession story of Angela Dong, Nike’s worldwide VP and general supervisor of Greater China. That year was 2008, when the Olympic Games were held in Beijing, and Dong was considering on the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program. “That was an astonishing year,” she reviews.

Dong was attracted to the program’s worldwide mentality and extension, and its sharp spotlight on Asia. When her investigations had started, the connections she created with alternate individuals from the KH10 associate emerged as specific features.

“I became more acquainted with my colleagues extremely well amid the program, both through working and associating with them,” Dong says. The manner by which she and her schoolmates worked together on ventures exhibited what could be accomplished when individuals with various specialized topics cooperate as a group, she includes.

“I’ll likewise always remember the time I went through with my schoolmates amid our abroad elective,” Dong says. She picked the course at Evanston in Chicago, which she depicts as “exceptional”. The program was “a kind of mixture, where individuals from various social, instructive and proficient foundations all got together to accomplish shared objectives”, Dong says. “It was moving to perceive how the crossing point of these alternate points of view produces the most inventive thoughts.”

The long haul companionships and associations framed on the program have been kept up finished the years. Dong says that in spite of the fact that work weights frequently confine chances to visit, her colleagues endeavor to meet at whatever point they are in a similar city. They generally anticipate these chances to get some answers concerning every others’ advance and contemplations, Dong clarifies.

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“I incidentally go to graduated class occasions, and I discover them an exceptionally valuable approach to meet old schoolmates, and perceive how we can shape new organizations,” she says. “I have met an ever increasing number of graduated class, and I am constantly awed by how extensive the graduated class organize is.”

Dong says that the fluctuated and comprehensive nature of the program presented her to – and empowered her to find out about – points outside her own particular specialized topic. Such learning has been to a great degree supportive to her profession, she includes. “We could develop a worldwide outlook by adapting together inside such a different gathering, and the coursework helped us to pinpoint our adapting, so it was locally pertinent and relevant in our own particular subject matters,” Dong clarifies.

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