One on One Tutoring. Are There Really Benefits?

Struggling In school can lead to many problems for students, who already struggle with anxiety and self consciousness. It is disheartening to see a child who can’t seem to grasp a math concept, no matter how much hard work and dedication they have. It is never easy to apply yourself at your full potential, only to receive a grade that is not reflective of the time and effort applied. Tutoring can be the best solution! Getting lost in a classrooms happens to more than 575 of children, many of whom are not equipped, socially, to speak up for themselves. Tutoring give the student and academic edge. A great private tutor can also act as an incredible mentor for students. That can entail developing better study habits or organizing the 3 tests, 1 quiz, 2 papers, and a group project that are due next week! Individualized tutoring is crucial if you are looking for meaningful progress. Don’t bother wasting your money on group sessions, as your student gets enough of that for 8 hours a day at school. Our culture can feel very selfishly guided in many aspects, but being ‘selfish’ is key to taking ownership of your education! Learning to take control of your destiny, is a skill we all hope our children will possess.


Math may be one of the most inquired about tutoring subjects I the United States, but English tutoring is one of the most important subjects to excel in. English skills translate into any field- from writing journals as a practicing MD to working as an actor in NYC. The skills learned in English are invaluable. High school English, especially solidifies that foundation and can ultimately give students the confidence to excel in college and beyond into their professional careers. Reading Anna Karenina might normally be an incredibly daunting task, but with the guidance of a wonderful English teacher, any student can come to understand and appreciate incredible works of art. Working one on one can also be a gift for students looking to excel in any course. We can all agree, teachers do their best to provide individualized attention while still catering to the needs of the class as a whole. However, many students can still get lost. Unfortunately, there will come a time in every student’s schooling where they will fill overwhelmed and unequipped to handle everything on their plate. But, that is ok! It is a normal occurrence, and one that can be addressed using multiple resources.


Reading books, adding numbers, and dissecting cats are all part of an average student’s high school career. How lucky are we! Our children have access to some of the best educators and the world and can be exposed to understand incredible things at such a young age. For some, tutors seem to be everywhere. For others, finding a decent tutor is a difficult feat tied to a heavy financial burden. That’s something we want to change!

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