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Outdoor Kitchens: The Perfect Way to Entertain Your Guests

You may have some cherished memories of camping with your friends or family and cooking outside. Well, you can recapture those moments by designing an outdoor kitchen at your home. Outdoor kitchens have become extremely popular among the residents of Houston. You can enjoy cooking with your friends and family in the outdoor kitchen.

Compared to the traditional standalone grills, an outdoor kitchen promises more. You will get everything required to set up an outdoor kitchen in Houston.

Here are some tips to design an outdoor kitchen:

  • The grill: It is essential to choose a high-quality grill as it is an essential part of a barbecue party. You should check the height, width, and depth of the appliance before choosing one. Different types of grills are available other than the standard cooking grills. Smokers, pizza ovens, cooktops, charcoal, and wood-burning grills are only to name a few.
  • Functional areas: Functional areas or zones of an outdoor kitchen can be simply distinguished as dry, wet, hot, and cold zones. Outdoor freezers and refrigerators take up the cold zone space while the hot zone is where you place your grill, cooktops and pizza ovens. The wet zone encompasses the sink and the adjacent working space. The dry zone is for storage space and dry prep counters.
  • Size: Different layouts for an outdoor kitchen are available in Houston. The size of the outdoor kitchen mainly depends upon how much outdoor space you have in your home. The four main categories of outdoor kitchen sizes are as follows:

-Small: 10 linear feet

-Essentials: 13 linear feet

-Medium: 16 linear feet

-Large: More than 20 linear feet

  • Landing area: The outdoor kitchen you are dreaming of should have free and clear landing areas on both sides of cooktops, grills, and sinks. The landing space is often used as an area to store cutting boards and other essential cooking items such that they are within your reach.
  • Storage: The dry zone in the outdoor kitchen is specifically used for storage. You should have sufficient space to house all the dishes, cookware and other items like charcoal, wood chips, and grill brushes.

Your outdoor kitchen should have the following characteristics:

  • Proper venting
  • Installation with non-flammable materials
  • Checking with the current standards of installation

Cooking outside also has some advantages like it keeps your home cooler in summer. Since you can now purchase outdoor versions of refrigerators, cooktops, etc. you do not have to shift indoor kitchen appliances. You will actually enjoy the time spent cooking outdoors in Houston summers. You can now enjoy your drink without facing the hassle of coolers. If you are thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, then you should always seek the advice of expert such that you can learn the rope at the earliest.

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