Popular Indian Food Singapore

Paneer in Chilli& Basil 

Chunks of cottage cheese tossed with basil leaves cooked in curry with soya garlic sauce.

Exotic Vegetables In Black Pepper Sauce   

Vegetables cooked in spicy curry with black pepper and sauce.


Rice Noodles

Fried Rice  

A hotfavourite regular Indo Chinese fried rice.                    

Schezwan Fried Rice       

Fried rice tossed with spicy schezwan sauce.




Veg Hakka Noodles  

Noodles stir fried with vegetable &  Chinese sauces.

Schezwan Noodles  

Stir fried noodles tossed in spicy schezwan sauce.

Pot Rice    

Buttered tossed Rice topped with vegetables in soya garlic sauce.

Flavours of Punjab

Sab’zAurMethi Ki SABZI   

Freshly seasonal vegetables tossed with fenugreek cooked In spicy gravy.

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