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Prabhas Bollywood Debut in Karan Johar-Ranveer Film?

prabhas bollywood debut

Prabhas Bollywood Debut

Prabhas Bollywood Debut

Bollywood is not the only producer and directors of Karan Johar. KJO is always known to launch and encourage new talent in Bollywood. Last week, he introduced the daughter of Sridevi’s daughter Jana and Shahid Kapoor’s half-brother Ishaan Khattar, which became the most opener of the box office at the earliest.

If the latest reports are round, the top actor Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the director. He was not the other two, than Ravineer Singh, who was last seen in Padmavat.

According to credible sources, Karan Johar scripted the script and director Ranveer will be seen in the lead role. The film will begin in 2019 next year.

That’s not. Just wait and hear what we found. Karan Johar is a two hero. The KJO has confirmed that it is Ranavir Singh among the leading actors. There are many buzz and speculation about the second leader. If the grape is similar in b town, then Prabhas is part of the film.Since then, Bahubali has been a successful hit at the box office worldwide. Karan Johar is looking forward to join hands with Prabhas. A few months ago, Karan Johar asked Prabhas to play his first role in Bollywood with his movie.

Prabhas seems to have rejected the offer due to remuneration. Nevertheless, both of these are better explained in good terms.

We do not know that Prabhas has played a second lead in this film, but social media networks have turned out. If all of the plans are made, Prabhas will be happy to see fans and splash the Bollywood audience to the Telugu audience. An official verification is waiting.

Ranveer and Prabhas Jodi come to the big screen. Do not you think Both Prabhas and Ranvir enjoyed fans in those places.

Career-wise, the remake of the Telugu film Tepper Held by Rohit Shetty was occupied by Ranvir Simba. It is run by Karan Johar under Dharan Productions. Pratibs will be seen in the next sahash, which will be released in 2019. Do not forget to look at this place for more and more updates.

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