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Prevent Your Chances Of Going Bald

The odds are against you when it comes to fighting hair loss. Chances are that you may end up with a good bit of hair loss that you didn’t expect to have. But this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll suffer with hair loss forever.
There are ways to turn the tables on alopecia and prevent your chances of going bald right now. So let’s get right into how you can make this happen as fast as possible.

If you’re a male then you probably have heard about the hormone DHT. If you don’t know what this is exactly or what it does, it’s a hormone that’s produced in your body from a depletion of testosterone levels. So while testosterone is good for a man, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) isn’t.
DHT once produced binds to your follicle receptor cells like a magnet, and it stays there until something comes along and gets rid of it. This is how you can make sure that your chances of losing all of your hair are obsolete.
First if you’re a guy then you should be taking saw palmetto extract daily. It’s an herbal supplement known to block the production of this nasty hormone. You can find it almost anywhere for a very reasonable price. Now here’s one trick that I discovered and have personally used for some very great hair-growing results.
Grab a bottle of shampoo according your hair with it twice a week. It’s the active ingredient ketaconazole that cuts DHT in your scalp so that your follicles are free to grow. Doing this will definitely increase hair growth and reduce your chances of a shiny bald head.

Author: Sithara Mithiran


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