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Questions to ask the bail bonds downtown San Diego agency

Nobody wants to get arrested or find out that a loved one has got into trouble with the law. But in some cases, you cannot avoid it and you need the help of a bail bonds downtown San Diego which will offer bail bonds. In these situations, it is very important to know that you will be hiring a trustworthy and reputable bail bonds agent so you get the money to get yourself or a loved one out of the jail quickly.

Here are a few questions which you should ask the bail bonds company before you hire them.

What do they charge for the services?

According to law, the bail bonds downtown San Diego charge ten percent of the total bail amount. There are many bail bonds companies which might offer discounted rates in an effort to get the business, but in most cases, they are probably not a reputable company. So, it is not a good thing to trust them with what could be your only chance to stay out of jail.

Ask if you can see their license

The bail bonds downtown San Diego agency should be licensed by the state authority to do business as a bail bonds agency. Some of the agencies try to upscale the law to avoid regulations and fees, but dealing with them is really risky because it can be difficult to seek recourse in cases if you are a victim of a bail bond scam. Therefore, checking on the bail bonds agency helps you in identifying whether they have a restricted or a suspended license. It will also help to know if they have a history of complaints or customer service issues. Also, good companies will never shy away from producing their license and will happily do it as they have been authorized to work. This will tell you a lot about the agency which you are hiring.

Ask if you can get things in writing

You should remember and never make a payment to the bail bonds agency without a written bail contract. This document should outline the bail amount, the payment terms and the schedules which have to be followed to make the payment. Also, it should mention the applicable interest rates and how much you might owe in case the defendant fails to show up on the court. Get all the things in writing so you can the bail bonds downtown San Diego can remember all the terms of the agreement. Also, you will not be victimized by a bail bondsman trying to swindle you.

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